Pan Fried Salmon With Crunchy Asian Noodle Salad

@cheese.and.han | Hannah
by @cheese.and.han | Hannah
2 servings
30 min

This filling salad is ideal for a warm day. Fresh, crunchy and delicious, with healthy fats from the salmon and lots of fresh vegetables. The noodles make this really filling but still light and perfect for a summer's evening.

You can sub the salmon for a chicken or tofu if you don't eat fish and use whichever crunchy vegetables are your favourite! I love topping with cashew nuts for an extra savoury, nutty bite which really complements the teryaki sauce, but peanuts or crispy shallots would work well too. I have added sesame seeds to the salmon too, but that's up to you!

Pan Fried Salmon With Crunchy Asian Noodle Salad
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  • 2  servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 15 Minutes Total time: 30 min
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  • 1 carrot
  • 1/8 red cabbage
  • handful radishes
  • handful of edamame beans
  • 2 portions of cooked noodles
  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 3 tbsp teryaki sauce
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • sesame seeds
  • cashew nuts

Season the salmon fillets and add to a frying pan on a moderate heat, skin side down. Cook on the skin side for aroun 7-8 minutes, until turning opaque throughout the fillet, before flipping and searing on the flesh side for a minute or two
Mean while, chop the veg into match sticks, season with salt and add the juice of the limes. Mix together and set aside until the salmon is cooked.
To serve, toss the noodles through the veg mix with the teryaki sauce. Top with the salmon, cashew nuts and sesame seeds.
  • Eil31945526 Eil31945526 on Aug 09, 2021

    Easy to make and tasted great. The combination of flavors was really good. Thank you

  • Nanfree Nanfree on Jan 14, 2024

    What kind of noodles do you use? I don’t normally cook Asian dishes. Also, is the teriyaki sauce made or purchased at a market? Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to try it!