Peach Crisp With Pretzel Streusel

4 servings
45 min

Today, we're making Peach Crisp with Pretzel Streusel!

These individually served desserts highlight all the best things about juicy summer peaches. Then, they're topped with a sweet and salty pretzel crumble. And, don't forget the cool vanilla ice cream on the side!

This dessert is so simple to throw together. It tastes like it took you all day to make. But in reality, it's as simple as mixing the peaches with some sugar and spices, throwing them in cute little pie dishes, topping them with a quick pretzel/sugar/butter/flour mix, and popping it all in the oven to get gooey and bubbly.

Let's talk peaches. Peaches are in their absolute prime right now, and it's easy to pick out a good peach. Use the same approach you would as if you were picking out an avocado. When choosing the perfect peach, look for a fruit that's not bruised and has just a little give when you give it a light squeeze. Also, make sure you give it a sniff. If it smells sweet and peachy, it will taste sweet and peachy. If it doesn't have a very strong scent, move on to the next fruit. No scent = no flavor.

Peach skin is nice and thin, so we don't even need to peel them before we use them. So slice each peach into roughly 16 slices, then add them to a bowl with some cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, a squeeze of lemon, and a little sugar. Toss everything together until the peaches are coated, and let them sit for a few minutes while you prepare your streusel.

The streusel is just as easy to prepare as the peaches! All we need is some melted butter, some brown sugar, a little flour, and some mini pretzels that have been crushed to small, but not completely ground, pieces. Mix it all together until it's nice and crumbly, and it's ready to go.

We're serving these as individually portioned desserts, so we're going to divide our peaches and streusel between four 6 inch mini pie plates. But, you could certainly bake this as one large dessert and load everything up into a 9 inch pie plate. Either way, we'll layer in the peaches into the bottom of the dish, and sprinkle that crumbly streusel right over top. Then, to the oven it goes until the peaches are bubbly and the streusel is golden. And then, it's time to devour!

This dessert is like heaven in your mouth. The peaches are sweet and warm with the perfect amount of spice from the cinnamon. And, the streusel is a little sweet, a little savory, and a little crunchy all at the same time. The contrast of textures and flavors are absolutely divine.

But if you really want to soar this dessert into the next realm, serve it with a little cold vanilla ice cream on the side.


Okie dokes. That's all we've got for today. If anyone needs me, I'll be face deep in this peach crisp.

I hope you enjoy. And, let's eat!

Peach Crisp With Pretzel Streusel
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  • 4  servings
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 35 Minutes Total time: 45 min
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  • 4 peaches, sliced
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 cup mini pretzels, crushed
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup flour
  • vanilla ice cream, for serving

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Arrange four 6 inch mini pie plates onto a baking sheet. Set aside.
To a mixing bowl, add peaches, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Toss gently to completely coat the peaches. Set aside.
To another mixing bowl, add butter, brown sugar, pretzel crumbs, and flour. Mix well until fully combined and crumbly.
Evenly divide peaches between pie plates. Sprinkle the tops with pretzel mix, evenly divided. Bake for 30-35 mins until the peaches are bubbly and the streusel is golden brown.
Allow to cool for 5-10 mins before serving. Serve with vanilla ice cream, if desired. Enjoy!
  • *You can bake this crisp in a 9 inch pie plate instead of individually portioning it out.
  • *When crushing the pretzels, we don't want them ground into a fine powder, but we don't want larger chunks either. Aim to make the pretzel pieces roughly the size of rolled oats. You can crush the pretzels by putting them in a plastic bag and banging them with a mallet, heavy skillet, rolling pin, or even a hammer.
  • *Peach skin is so thin, we don't even need to peel them first! That helps this recipe come together super quickly.
Nicole - The Yummy Muffin
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