Hot Mulled Apple Cider (Slow Cooker)

Naomi Cook
by Naomi Cook
16 servings
4 hr 5 min

This Hot Mulled Apple Cider in the slow cooker is a must-have drink during the holidays! Made with cinnamon, orange peel, allspice, star anise, cloves and cardamom, it will warm and fill the soul.

Hot Mulled Apple Cider:

  • What is it? It is apple cider that is flavored with spices and citrus. And it simmers in a slow cooker or on the stove for a couple of hours, to let all the flavors marry so it has a "spiced" taste to it -- that's where the "mulled" comes into play. Also, this drink is typically served warm.

Ingredients For This Hot Apple Cider:

  • Apple Cider - Use fresh apple cider or unfiltered apple juice for the best results. I do not recommend things like sparkling, spiced or hard cider.
  • Mulling Spices - For convenience, I use a delicious store bought one from World Market. (The link to purchase is below).
  • Orange - Add 1 sliced orange to the slow cooker. However, the orange will break down and you will need to strain it out before serving. If you want to avoid this step, that is fine, it will just have some faint orange floaties in it.

  • Fresh Ginger - Peel and cut into small disks.
  • Optional Garnishes - I like to garnish the drinks with an apple slice, orange slice and a couple of fresh cranberries.
  • Spiking the drink - To individual glasses, you can add some whiskey, rum, brandy or bourbon.
  • FYI - This recipe is designed for the slow cooker, but you can also simmer the cider covered, on low heat, on the stove for 2-3 hours.


Hot Mulled Apple Cider (Slow Cooker)
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  • 16  servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 4 Hours Total time: 4 hr 5 min
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  • 1 gallon Fresh Apple Cider, or unfiltered Apple Juice
  • 1 large Orange, sliced into 1/4" slices
  • 1 knob Fresh Ginger, peeled and sliced
  • 1 6 oz bag World Market Mulling Spices
  • Optional: Garnish with additional orange slices, apple slices and cranberries

To a slow cooker, add the cider or apple juice.
Next, add the ginger and orange slices.
Add 6 tablespoons of the mulling spices to a double layer of cheesecloth or paper coffee filter, gather it up into a sachet, and tie closed with kitchen twine. Add to the slow cooker.
Cover and cook until the flavors meld, 4 hours on low.
Remove the fruit and spice ball from the slow cooker.
Keep warm and serve in mugs garnished with orange slices, apple slices, and/or a couple of cranberries.
Naomi Cook
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  • Sue Sue on Sep 06, 2023

    Idk where i would find the world market mulling spices??🤔

    • Naomi Cook Naomi Cook on Sep 06, 2023

      Hi Sue! There are two links, at the end of the post, that direct you to Amazon to purchase. One link is for the exact mulling spices, and the second is a different option.🙂