1. White Chocolate Crème Brulée

Everything from the dress to the flowers is going to be elegant, and that includes the menu!

One of the classiest desserts, this crème brulée recipe features white chocolate layers of luscious vanilla cream under layers of crunchy caramelized sugar that create a beautiful, mouth-watering blend of sweetness. Get recipe here

2. Black Forest Icebox Cake

This stunning Black Forest cake takes chocolate cake to a whole new level. The chocolate combined with cherries make an incredibly elegant and fancy dessert to end off a beautiful meal. Get recipe here

3. Tiramisu

We know the guests will be devouring this dessert because it’s everyones’ favorite—tiramisu!

What makes this delicious, creamy piece of art stand out from all the others is that it's egg-free, so it will provide a dessert option for any guest who may have an egg allergy. Get recipe here

4. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream

When you put Oreos and ice cream together, you know you’re in for a sweet treat. This fancy, frozen dessert is light and sweet, and will definitely have the guests asking for seconds.  Get recipe here

5. Red Velvet Cupcakes

The perfect dessert for the perfect wedding, these red velvet cupcakes are a complete showstopper. These soft and slightly tart muffins are as delicious as they are beautiful. Get recipe here

6. Strawberry Lemon Blondies

These strawberry lemon blondies are soft, moist, and dense and are the perfect dessert to make for a classy event. The blend of sweet and tangy is irresistible so these will definitely disappear from the table very quickly. Get recipe here

7. Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Not only breathtakingly pretty, but delightfully tasty, these decadent cupcakes are possibly one of the best cupcakes you’ll ever have.

These moist chocolate cupcakes with a sweet cherry filling are the perfect dessert to impress your guests. Get recipe here

8. Chocolate Pumpkin Mini Pies

There’s something so sweet and classy about personal pies. Like these delicious chocolate pumpkin mini pies that will make your guests feel all cozy inside. This dessert is not only fancy, but also so comforting! Get recipe here

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

There’s no better way to end off a beautiful wedding than with a delightful ice cream sandwich cookie. No matter what your age, this dessert will have everyone going home in a good mood. Get recipe here

10. Red Velvet Layer Cake

If you’re looking for a dessert that encompasses all the posh vibes of a fancy wedding, this cake would be the one.

This bright red velvet layer cake is topped with a delicious pepperminty cream cheese frosting and is just as velvety as the wedding dress. Get recipe here

11. Heart Cookies

What would a wedding celebration be without some heart-shaped cookies? This beautiful sugar cookie can be served at cocktail hour before the reception, or at the end of your beautiful meal. Get recipe here