1. Apple Pecan Crumble

This wonderful dessert is filled with delicious brown sugar, butter pecans, and soft cinnamon apples. Eat this apple pecan crumble warm, and top it with ice cream for the ULTIMATE crumble experience. Get recipe here

2. Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

One of the most delectable pecan desserts of all time, these brown butter pecan cookies are slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and absolutely delicious.

The brown butter brings these cookies to a whole new level by adding a subtle nutty and toasty depth. Get recipe here

3. Pecan-Crusted Salmon With An Ancho Chili Orange Sauce

If you’re looking for the PERFECT pecan dish to serve during National Pecan Month, this recipe is IT!

The salmon is topped with a crunchy pecan crust and coated with a sweet and savory ancho chili orange sauce making this the salmon to remember. Get recipe here

4. Pecan Pie Smoothie

This is not just any pecan smoothie, this is a pecan PIE smoothie! Have you ever heard of anything better? The nutty, rich pecan flavors mixed with pure maple syrup and cinnamon make this feel like coziness in a bottle. Get recipe here

5. Pecan Pie Cupcakes

A pecan pie cupcake is the perfect delicacy to give someone during National Pecan Month.

Filled with pecan pie filling and topped with brown sugar buttercream frosting, this dessert has all the goodness of a pecan pie packed into one personalized cupcake. Get recipe here

6. Maple Pecan Sweet Potatoes

Just the sound of this dish is delicious. These maple pecan sweet potatoes combine the flavors of pure maple syrup with sweet potatoes and are topped with chopped pecans and a touch of rosemary. Get recipe here

7. Cinnamon Spiced Pecans

The perfect healthy snack for National Pecan Month, these cinnamon spiced pecans are made with Truvia Sweet Complete and coconut sugar instead of traditional sugar, and they are completely vegan.

They are quick to make and will leave your house smelling like cinnamon spice. Get recipe here

8. Wild Rice With Pecans And Cranberries

Another National Pecan Month favorite, this wild rice dish is filled with pecans and cranberries and is perfect for serving a crowd.

If you want to switch up this recipe, feel free to add mushrooms, spinach, or any nut or dried fruit of your choice. Get recipe here

9. Maple Pecan Granola

An excellent topping for yogurt or replacement for cereal, this maple pecan granola recipe combines nutty pecans, oats, and maple syrup to make the perfect quick snack! Get recipe here

10. Autumn Apple and Pecan Salad

What would National Pecan Month be without a pecan salad?! This classic apple and pecan salad features mixed greens, crisp apple slices, bits of pecan, and a creamy honey mustard dressing. Get recipe here

11. Russian Pecan Fudge

If you haven’t tried this recipe, you haven’t tried fudge. This Russian pecan fudge is sweet, creamy, and soft, and the toasted nuts add a delicious twist. Get recipe here