Number 10: Marzipan Balls

Coming in at number 10 for the most hated food is marzipan! It may be hard to understand what could be bad about this sweet, nutty, soft and chewy dough but some people run when they hear the word.

These delectable marzipan balls are super easy to make, don’t require baking, and are egg-free! Get recipe here

Number 9: Roasted Olives, Feta Cheese, And Garlic

This one comes as less of a surprise because we know that most people are either a lover or a hater (nothing in between).

This cheese appetizer features the infamous (or adored) olive mixed with feta cheese (another emotion-evoking food), and garlic. This dip is topped with oregano, salt, and olive oil and is roasted to perfection. Get recipe here

Number 8: Blue Cheese, Apple, Grape, And Walnut Salad

While some LOVE blue cheese, it is understandable that it makes it to this list because it has a very distinctive taste and texture.

The good thing about this recipe is that if you’re not obsessed with blue cheese, it’s hidden within the apples, grapes, and walnuts of this DELICIOUS and crunchy salad. Get recipe here

Number 7: Miso Glazed Eggplants

If you’re one of those who are picky with their eggplants, this miso glazed eggplant recipe will COMPLETELY change your mind.

Just take one bite of this roasted eggplant that is topped with sesame seeds and scallions and you will go from being a hater to a lover. Get recipe here

Number 6: Sushi

You may have never met someone who dislikes sushi, but it’s actually one of the top 10 most unpopular foods! Maybe it’s the delicious crunch, or the cool cucumber, creamy avocado, or succulent sashimi.

Or maybe it’s the crispy onion topping or just the combination of it all. But whatever the reason, it’s hard to understand how this deliciously addictive dish is not everyone’s favorite! Get recipe here

Number 5: Pork Apple Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

Black pudding, or a distinct type of blood sausage originating in the UK, definitely causes controversy among the public.

Some love it and some hate it but if there’s any chance of you falling in love, it’s from this DELICIOUS, rich, and satisfying appetizer. Get recipe here

Number 4: Grilled Goose Liver On Pita

While liver may not be your favorite food, it will become one after trying this dish. The combination of this fancy homemade goose liver and pita work wonders together! Get recipe here

Number 3: Easy Tofu Recipe

Why oh why is tofu on the list of hated foods?! It’s unassuming, bland-like taste makes it GREAT for spicing with your favorite flavors.

This easy-to-make recipe is a delicious example of a flavorful tofu that is perfectly pan-fried to satisfy your cravings!  Get recipe here

Number 2: Anchovy Toast Soldiers With Soft Boiled Eggs

It may be understandable why anchovies are not everyone’s favorite foods, but did you know that they are used as seasoning as well?

Anchovies are a key ingredient in everyone’s favorite Worcestershire sauce and can be added to butter to add that extra oomph!

These toast soldiers are topped with a savory homemade anchovy butter and served with soft boiled eggs. Get recipe here

Number 1: Oven Oyster Roast

The number 1 hated food is oysters! But, this delicious, quick and easy, oven-baked oyster roast might just turn that around.

Cooked with butter and shallots, this dish comes out of the oven with the perfect taste and texture every time! Get recipe here