1. Herb Grilled Salmon Recipe

Those huge muscles don’t come from nowhere! NFL players usually maintain a heavy-protein diet to help build and repair muscles. This herb grilled salmon recipe is a delicious meal to get a nice amount of protein! Get recipe here

2. Chickpea and Black Bean Salad

When in doubt of what to eat, an NFL player can never go wrong with a salad! Especially when it includes beans for added protein. This salad has a delicious lemon and garlic dressing, and it’s all made in only 15 minutes! Get recipe here

3. Vegetable Frittata

The best way for an NFL player to start off the day is with a protein-packed, veggie-packed dish. Ready in only 25 minutes, this frittata is easy to make and great for making ahead and eating throughout the week! Get recipe here

4. Sweet Potato Protein Waffles

While NFL players need to eat healthily, they also need to consume A LOT of calories. It’s super easy to get in those calories with these addictive, sweet potato protein waffles.

Made with mashed sweet potato, protein powder, whole wheat flour, and cozy spices, these waffles have the perfect crispy edge and will keep you full for a while! Get recipe here

5. Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

While it’s important for NFL players to stay away from refined carbs, they do still need a sweet treat every once in a while.

This dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookie is the perfect way to enjoy a treat while still eating whole grains! Get recipe here

6. Banana Oatmeal Bars

These banana oatmeal bars are not only made with whole grains, but are also protein-packed—which are both GREAT for NFL players!

These soft and chewy bars are packed with flavor and will satisfy your morning (and afternoon) cravings! Get recipe here

7. Classic Fruit Salad

We can’t forget how important fruits are in an NFL player’s diet. This classic fruit salad is the perfect snack to get in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber which all help to decrease inflammation and support recovery! Get recipe here

8. Instant Pot Chicken And Rice Soup

Chicken soup with chicken breast is not so easy to come across, but this recipe is the only one an NFL player will ever need!

Loaded with veggies, chicken breast, and brown rice, this soup is packed with all the important minerals, and it also happens to be the ultimate comfort food (NFL players need comfort foods sometimes too)! Get recipe here

9. Baked Potato

Potatoes are packed with potassium which is one of the main electrolytes athletes need to stay properly hydrated!

And, the secret to perfect baked potatoes is right here! This recipe has cracked the code to get the crispy, salty skin with a soft, fluffy inside, every time! Get recipe here

10. Baked Chicken Legs

NFL players often like to stick to natural foods such as chicken, fish, seafood, and veggies! This delicious, baked (not fried) chicken with a mixed seasoning is the perfect example! Get recipe here