1. Miniature Reindeer Christmas Burgers

If you’ve been checking what restaurants are open on Christmas eve, stop right there! This adorable reindeer food recipe is something you won’t find at any restaurant and they are SO easy to make! Get recipe here

2. Christmas Appetizer Tree

We’re all looking for healthy finger food to munch on during Christmas and this is the perfect one! It’s not only a healthy and delicious appetizer but also a GORGEOUS centerpiece! Get recipe here

3. Cranberry Brie Bites

One of the most elegant Christmas appetizers, these cranberry brie bites are sure to “wow” your guests! Filled with brie cheese and cranberry, and topped with fresh rosemary and toasted walnuts, these bites are made in only 30 minutes! Get recipe here

4. Holiday Sangria

One of the classic Christmas cocktails, this holiday sangria will quickly put you in the holiday mood. This cozy winter sangria recipe with cranberry has the perfect blend of sweet and tart to always hit the spot. Get recipe here

5. Nutella Snowflake

Definitely NOT one of the clean eating Christmas desserts, this delicious puff pastry is worth every calorie!

Made with few ingredients, the puff pastry is smeared with Nutella and coated with powdered sugar for the perfect blend of sweetness. Get recipe here

6. Puff Pastry Baked Brie With Fig Jam

Speaking of puff pastry, this puff pastry baked brie with fig jam is a super easy yet impressive holiday dish. Made with a hint of bourbon, bacon, and caramelized onion, it is the perfect Christmas appetizer. Get recipe here

7. Mushroom & Goat Cheese Tartlets

If you’re looking for easy Christmas nibbles to serve your guests, this is the perfect place to start. Just grab a box of phyllo shells and start filling! Get recipe here

8. Cute Reindeer Cheese Ball

Enjoy looking at this magical reindeer food because it is sure to be devoured in moments. This fun and festive appetizer is perfect for last-minute entertaining. Get recipe here

9. Easy Yeast Rolls

This traditional Christmas bread is light, fluffy, hot, soft, buttery, and just PERFECT! There is no better way to start off your Christmas meal than with these delicious, easy-to-make rolls! Get recipe here

10. Marinated Shrimp and Artichoke

These make-ahead Christmas nibbles will satisfy all of your guests’ salty and savory cravings. After marinating, throw this dish together in only 15 minutes and voilà, ready to be served! Get recipe here