Italian Beef Tagliata

This Italian Family
by This Italian Family
4 people
4 hr 15 min

Beef tagliata is probably Italy's most popular way to prepare steak. It's a boneless, juicy steak marinaded for a few hours then grilled and served with a light dressing/vinaigrette. Traditionally in Italy you tend to keep it very rare, if not blue, but it can of course be cooked to your preference.

For the marinade everyone has their own recipe, and the one I use I got from an Italian chef many years ago and have used ever since. Now I'm always asked to be in charge of the tagliata at parties and family gatherings whenever it's on the menu and I would love to hear your thoughts on this way of preparing steak from you all if you do make it.

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  • 4  people
  • Prep time: 4 Hours Cook time: 15 Minutes Total time: 4 hr 15 min
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For the marinade
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 cup of beer of your choice
  • 1/2 cup of red wine
  • A few rosemary stalks
  • A few sage leaves
  • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
For the steak and dressing
  • 28oz boneless rib-eye beef steak
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 rosemary stalks
  • Salt

Mix together the marinade ingredients and put in a tall glass container. Add in the steak and ensure it's completely submerged by the marinade. If it's not, you may want to consider increasing the amount of each ingredient until you get to the desired quantity of marinade.
Leave in the fridge to marinade for 3-4 hours or more, turning it and mixing the marinade half way through.
In the meantime, in a separate bowl, mix the oil, rosemary and salt of the dressing and let that infuse until needed.
Take out the meat 1 hour before grilling.
If making this on an open-flame grill, make sure to slightly dry the meat before putting it on to avoid any drippings of alcohol from catching fire. If you are making this on a griddle pan, you can avoid drying it and just sprinkle a fistful of coarse salt on your pan and ensure it's very, very hot before adding your steak to it.
Grill on all sides, the length will depend on how cooked you want it. Typically tagliata is served rare, and to achieve that you just need to ensure the sides of it are well browned (like in the pictures) and not wait too much longer.
Leave the meat to rest, covered, for 10 minutes, before thinly slicing it.
Distribute each slice on a plate, each one next to each other, and drizzle on top your rosemary-infused oil. Serve hot or cold!