Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Tracy Graham
by Tracy Graham
6 people
1 hr

Looking for something special to make that friend or family that came into town for the weekend? You will love how easy this breakfast charcuterie board is to make.

Last weekend, my daughter had some of her friends spend the night after homecoming. They had a great time of going to dinner and then hanging out at the game. I must point out that we won as well!! YIPPEE! Unfortunately, our school has been in a proverbial slump the last few years so this was a huge blessing! Now, I will say homecoming looked a lot different this year. We had the students sitting, spaced out, in the end zones with 9th and 10th on one end and 11th and 12th on the other end. The parents were spaced out every other row in the stands as well. We also limited the capacity to just family of performers and students. We did make lemonade out of lemons though and had a great time! Oh, and did I mention the we won??? LOL Y'all, we were down by 10 points with 4 minutes left to go and ended up winning 42-38! The kids rushed the field and it was just a small minute of normalcy and was AMAZING!!Now, on to the next morning, which is why I'm sure you are all here, right? I wanted to make something fun for the girls that stayed the night and decided to create a yummy breakfast charcuterie board.

Breakfast Charcuterie Board
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  • 6  people
  • Prep time: 45 Minutes Cook time: 15 Minutes Total time: 1 hr
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  • bacon
  • sausage
  • fruit
  • yogurt
  • cinnamon rolls
  • donuts
  • pancakes
  • syrup
  • scrambled eggs

Now, when I start making a charcuterie board, I first decide which board to use based on the number of people I will be serving. I got this HUGE board at an antique store in downtown McKinney and it has served me well.
Then, I decide what kind of bowls/serving dishes to use for the items that will require them. I used some ramekins from World Market and a little pitcher for syrup.
Now, let's talk about all the items that went on the board. For the meats, I went with some patty sausage as well as bacon. If I ever make breakfast without bacon, my family will lose it! We all love bacon, like an unhealthy kind of love. My youngest son can put away about 15 pieces at a exaggeration! And my youngest daughter is as equally obsessed.
I bought some donuts at Kroger and placed them on each corner. I love that they were festive for the Fall as well.
I made a can of cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe's to add in another sweet treat.
Here are the super cute little pumpkin waffles I made. They are like a pancake in the front and waffle in the back. Business in the front, party in the back!LOL
I added in some strawberries and blueberries throughout the tray to add a tiny smidge of healthy. haha I also put yogurt in a couple of the ramekins and the was a huge hit!
I scrambled eggs and placed those in a large clear pyrex bowl in the middle of the board. I used the little pitcher I mentioned earlier for the syrup and viola!
  • With a charcuterie board, your imagination is the only thing you need. You can please items however you want them. I like to do a symmetrical look when I make mine.
Tracy Graham
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