Choux Au Craquelin (cream Puffs)

by Vivbakez
15 puffs
1 hr 30 min

The Choux Au Craquelin is essentially a crispy cream puff that consists of a craquelin layer and a choux pastry base. Craquelin is made of sugar, butter and flour that becomes crispy as it bakes over choux pastry. You can flavour the craquelin with flavourings such as matcha powder or cocoa powder, which will also give it distinct colours.

Once baked, you will have a light and hollow case that you can fill with any cream of choice (such as diplomat cream, chantilly cream, pastry cream, custard). For mine, I have used a chantilly cream with added flavouring such as melted chocolate and matcha powder.

These crispy cream puffs are very addictive and I highly recommend giving them a go if you are a fan of cream puffs.

Choux Au Craquelin (cream Puffs)
Recipe details
  • 15  puffs
  • Prep time: 1 Hours Cook time: 30 Minutes Total time: 1 hr 30 min
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For the craquelin layer
  • 50g butter (3 ½ tbsp)
  • 50g plain flour (6 ½ tbsp)
  • 50g granulated sugar (4 tbsp)
  • Optional – 1 tsp food colourings for different coloured craquelin (e.g matcha powder, cocoa powder, gel food colour)
Choux pastry:
  • 70 g Water ( 5 tbsp)
  • 50 g Butter ( 3 1/2 tbsp)
  • 60 g Flour ( 8 tbsp )
  • 2 Medium Eggs
For the cream
  • 500ml Heavy Cream
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • Powdered sugar ( Add to your liking)
  • optional for flavours – matcha powder, chocolate ganache (melted dark chocolate)
For the craquelin:
Cream the butter and sugar together using an electric hand mixer.
Mix in the flour.
Transfer the mixture to parchment paper and roll out until about 3-4mm thick.
Leave it to harden in the fridge for about one hour.
For the choux pastry
Over medium heat, add the water and butter to a pot. Once it begins to boil, turn the heat low and mix in flour all at once. Mix until a dough forms and is not sticking to the sides of the pot.
Allow to cool in a bowl (at least 15 minutes).
Once cooled, transfer the dough to a stand mixer bowl fitted with a paddle attachment. Add in the eggs one at a time and beat until the mixture is smooth and able to form a hanging V-shape on the paddle attachment when lifted. This usually takes me 2-3 minutes.
Prepare a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Using a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle, pipe tall dollops about 1.5-2 inches in diameter.
Remove the craquelin from the fridge, and using a round cookie cutter of the same size, cut out pieces and place one piece on top of each dollop of choux batter.
Baking and assembling
Preheat the oven to 180C (350F).
Bake for 15 minutes.
Once baked, open the oven door slightly and allow to cool for another 15 minutes
While your pastry is cooling, you can prepare the cream filling. Using an electric mixer, whip cream, sugar, vanilla and optional flavouring until medium to stiff peaks form.
Transfer to piping bag.
Using a paring knife, make a small hole at the base of your choux pastry and insert the cream. You will feel the pastry become quite heavy. Insert cream until full.
  • Trish Gillogly Trish Gillogly on Jan 19, 2021

    Same process, almost, as making choux pastry for cream puffs~!

    • Vivbakez Vivbakez on Jan 21, 2021

      yes! just with the added sugar craquelin disc on top which adds some extra texture and flavour :)

  • Stacy Stacy on Mar 30, 2021

    It does seem like enough flour, my standard cream puff recipe calls for one cup water, one cup flour, one stick butter and four eggs.