Homemade Organic Hot Chocolate Mix--A Great Gift

12 16 oz
30 min

Years ago, a friend and I would get together and make lots of homemade cookies, truffles and batches of hot chocolate mix. We packaged everything very festively and gave our goods as gifts. Admittedly, the hot chocolate mix was outstanding! Everyone that received it raved about it and wanted more!I thought I would share the recipe here, but when I sat down to write this post, I realized that I was no longer comfortable with some of the ingredients. Nesquik, Carnation Nonfat dry milk and non-dairy creamer could no longer be included with my recipe. So, with the help of my taste-tester kids, I set out to make a healthier version of this recipe.

"This tastes real!" That was my husband's review of it. It doesn't taste like the fake hot chocolate mix. The flavor is rich, chocolaty but not overly sweet. The coconut cream does add the slightest hint of coconut flavor, but it is not overpowering at all. If you would like the coconut flavor to shine through more, you can decrease the sugar. My kids helped me every step of the way and they have approved the final taste! They are brutally honest reviewers by the way!! I am drinking a cup as I write this, and I have to say...it's pretty delicious. I am having it with a bit of crushed candy cane and a dollop of whipped cream!

If you are not an organic purist, that is OK--No judgment here! We do organic when it is available and affordable. Sourcing all organic ingredients certainly adds to the cost of the hot chocolate. You can easily find these ingredients on Amazon, which is where I got most of mine. A few items like organic powdered sugar and organic cocoa were found at a local bulk food store. If you are fine with non-organic, then you should be able to find almost everything at your local grocery store. I did not pay for organic dry milk because I wanted whole milk. Plus, that option was crazy expensive. I chose this one and it feels like it was a good option.

Heat a 10 oz mug of milk. Add in 1/4 cup hot chocolate mix. Stir thoroughly and serve. Garnish with whipped cream or marshmallows. If you have a smaller mug, just add 2-3 TBS of mix.


Candy CanesBack when I used to make the older version, one thing I added to the mix was crushed up candy canes. This makes the most delicious peppermint hot chocolate. I just use a food processor or handy chopper to crush up the candy canes. I would add 1 candy cane to each 12-16oz jar of mix, or you can add more if you like. You can actually find organic candy canes on Amazon, of course they are a bit pricey! However, on something that I am doing for a gift, I am willing to splurge a bit! If you add in the candy canes, you could decrease the sugar amount in the recipe.Instant CoffeeAdding instant coffee grounds makes this like a mocha, add in the crushed candy canes and it's a real treat!! Here is an organic instant coffee option.CinnamonAdd about two tsp of cinnamon to each 12-16 oz jar of mix. This adds an unexpected, but rich and satisfying flavor!

The cost may seem high at first, however, this is a huge batch of hot chocolate mix. You will yield about 12, 16oz jars of hot chocolate mix. I love to keep these on hand for neighbors, hostess gifts, or that unexpected guest.I am offering the labels for free, just visit my blog and you can have them! The link is below. I hope you enjoy!

Homemade Organic Hot Chocolate Mix--A Great Gift
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  • 12  16 oz
  • Prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 30 min
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  • 7 Cups Powdered Sugar Organic or not
  • 8 Cups Dry Milk Whole Organic, or not
  • 1 Lb Coconut Cream Powder Approx 4.5 cups
  • 6 Cups Cocoa Organic or not

Sift any of the ingredients that may be lumpy into a large pot. Simply dump everything else in and use a whisk to mix it all together. Easy Peasy! Scoop out into whatever size jars you would like. Label and gift away!
  • This is a lot of sugar, you can easily decrease the sugar by a cup matching the amount of cocoa. The coconut flavor comes through more with a smaller amount of sugar.
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