1. Mojo Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce

Indulge in this irresistible mojo skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, a flavor-packed delight that will get you excited for dinner time. Start with marinating the steak in meat seasoning, garlic salt, and mojo steak marinade. 

For the Chimichurri sauce, blend a bunch of fresh parsley, garlic, olive oil, sherry wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and ground black pepper.

Grill or pan-sear the steak to your desired doneness, letting the mouthwatering aroma of the mojo steak marinade envelop the air. Let the meat reach room temperature, pat it dry, and place the steak on a grill to sear for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Slice the meat against the grain ensuring each bite is tender and flavorful and then generously drizzle the vibrant chimichurri sauce over the steak, enhancing its taste with its fresh, zesty flavors. Get recipe here

2. Brazilian Rice

What would a listicle of steak and rice recipes be without this simple yet delicious Brazilian rice dish? Begin by finely chopping garlic and sautéing it in olive oil and butter. Add the rice and salt and mix well.

Pour in water, and bring it to a boil. Once it’s boiling, cover the pan and let the rice cook until it’s tender and fluffy, absorbing all the wonderful flavors.

Cook it until all the water evaporates and get ready to savor the authentic taste of Brazil with this simple and delightful rice dish! Get recipe here

3. Steak Au Poivre

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Steak Au Poivre, a classic dish that promises a culinary delight. In a hot skillet, melt butter and sear the steaks to your desired level of doneness.

Once cooked, transfer the steaks to a plate and let them rest.Then add butter, rosemary, and garlic to the skillet. 

Return the steaks to the skillet and spoon the butter over them. To serve this tantalizing dish, drizzle the luscious cognac over them. If you’re wondering what to serve with steak au poivre, it pairs beautifully with one of the rice recipes above or below. Get recipe here

4. Instant Pot Mexican Rice

Prepare to be blown away by the explosive flavors of this sensational Instant Pot Mexican rice recipe! This recipe is a true game-changer, delivering the perfect balance of spices and textures that will transport you to the heart of Mexico. 

Start by rinsing the long grain white rice to ensure its optimal quality. Then, utilizing the sauté function on your Instant Pot, infuse the rice with a tantalizing mixture of vegetable oil, minced garlic, salt, and Cajun seasoning.

As the rice sizzles and turns a beautiful golden brown, the aroma will fill your kitchen. Let the Instant Pot work its magic on the Rice setting for a mere 12 minutes, allowing the pressure to build and the flavors to meld together. 

Once done, release the pressure immediately and gently fluff the rice with a fork. Whether served as a side dish or as the star of the meal, this Instant Pot Mexican rice is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Say adiós to bland rice and hola to a flavor-packed adventure! Get recipe here

5. Flank Steak

We know you’ve been wondering how to slice flank steak, so let us help you unlock the secrets to a perfectly marinated and expertly cut flank steak. This comprehensive guide and recipe is sure to give you tender, flavorful results. 

The marinade is a symphony of robust flavors, combining the richness of olive oil, the tang of red wine vinegar, the brightness of lemon juice, and the boldness of dijon mustard.

A balanced blend of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and thyme ensures a harmonious flavor profile that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

But that's just the beginning! Mastering the art of cutting a flank steak is essential for achieving optimal tenderness.

Make sure you're slicing against the grain, resulting in juicy, melt-in-your-mouth bites. Get ready to take your steak game to new heights and become the ultimate grill master! Get recipe here

6. Ketchup Fried Rice

One of the must-haves in a list of steak and rice recipes is this irresistible ketchup fried rice recipe!

This iconic dish brings together a delightful fusion of East and West, resulting in a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

Heat up the wok and start by drizzling sesame oil, infusing the air with its enticing aroma. Add lightly beaten eggs that will transform into delicate ribbons of savory goodness as they cook.

Next, we introduce vegetarian Italian sausages, sliced to perfection, adding a unique twist to the dish. Now, it's time to bring in the star of the show—day-old cooked rice.

This ingredient provides the perfect texture, allowing the grains to absorb the flavors and spices to create a symphony of taste. Add ketchup for a tangy and sweet taste that will elevate the dish to a whole new level.

A dash of soy sauce adds depth, while salt and pepper bring balance and enhance the flavors. Toss and stir-fry the ingredients until they are beautifully combined, allowing the rice to absorb all the delightful flavors.

Get ready to savor the unique blend of flavors and experience the culinary magic of Hong Kong right in your own kitchen. Get recipe here

7. Garlic Butter Steak Bites And Potatoes

This garlic butter steak bites with crispy potatoes recipe is a mouthwatering dish that features tender cubes of steak, creamy creamer potatoes, fragrant garlic, rich butter, and a touch of oil, all brought together with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

Get ready to savor each succulent bite of steak and revel in the crispy perfection of the potatoes. This recipe is a carnivore's dream come true, combining the richness of butter, the savoriness of garlic, and the savory goodness of perfectly cooked steak.

Whether you're planning a cozy dinner or entertaining guests, these garlic butter steak bites with crispy potatoes are sure to impress. Get recipe here

8. Salisbury Steak

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with this mouthwatering recipe for Salisbury steak! This classic dish combines succulent cubed steaks, a medley of sliced onions and mushrooms, rich beef broth, and a velvety butter and flour mixture. 

As you savor each tender bite of steak, the flavors meld together harmoniously, creating a delicious symphony of taste. The onions add a touch of sweetness, while the mushrooms contribute their earthy richness, creating a perfect complement to the savory steak.

With a generous pour of flavorful beef broth, every bite becomes an explosion of savory goodness. The butter and flour mixture adds a luscious coating that ties everything together, resulting in a satisfyingly indulgent dish. 

Serve this delectable salisbury steak alongside a bed of fluffy rice for a complete meal that will leave you fully satisfied. Get ready to elevate your steak and rice recipes with this timeless favorite that is sure to impress! Get recipe here

9. Slow Cooker Rice Pilaf

Elevate your dinner table with the delightful flavors of this slow cooker rice pilaf! This hearty dish features a tantalizing blend of nutty wild rice, aromatic vegetables, and a sprinkle of sliced almonds for added crunch. 

As you combine the wild rice and vegetable broth in your slow cooker, the stage is set for a rich and comforting meal. Sliced Brussels sprouts, earthy mushrooms, and chopped onion join the mix, infusing the pilaf with their unique flavors and textures.

Chopped celery and fresh garlic or garlic powder add depth to the dish, while dried thyme brings a touch of herbaceousness.

A sprinkle of fine sea salt and pepper enhances the overall taste, and sliced almonds provide a delightful nutty crunch that takes the dish to the next level.

As your slow cooker works its magic, the flavors meld together, resulting in a warm and satisfying pilaf that is perfect as a standalone meal or a hearty side dish. Get recipe here

10. Marinated Steak Bites

Get ready to indulge in the delectable flavors of this marinated sirloin steak tips with peppers and onions recipe!

These mouthwatering marinated steak bites are a true delight, featuring tender sirloin steak tips infused with a flavorful marinade, accompanied by vibrant bell peppers, onions, and a sprinkle of fresh herbs. 

As you whisk together the vegetable oil, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, grated lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, the marinade comes to life, ready to elevate the succulent sirloin to new heights.

Each bite of the marinated steak is a burst of savory goodness, perfectly complemented by the sweet and crisp bell peppers and the caramelized onions.
To garnish, a sprinkle of fresh parsley and oregano adds a touch of brightness and herbaceousness, completing this delightful dish.

Get ready to savor the irresistible marinated steak bites, packed with flavor, tenderness, and a medley of delightful ingredients! Get recipe here

11. Arroz Rojo (Mexican Red Rice)

Finally, we have the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to know. How to make arroz rojo.

One of the classic steak and rice recipes, this dish features fragrant jasmine or long grain rice cooked to perfection, infused with a rich tomato sauce, and complemented by the optional addition of colorful frozen peas.

As you sauté the rice in a tablespoon of oil, its aroma fills the kitchen, setting the stage for a flavorful meal. The addition of tomato sauce adds a beautiful red hue and a burst of tangy sweetness, infusing the rice with its distinctive Mexican flair. 

To further enhance the dish, you have the option to include frozen peas, adding a pop of color and a delightful burst of freshness. Each spoonful of arroz rojo transports you to the heart of Mexico, where the flavors are vibrant and the cuisine is a celebration of taste.

Whether you're preparing a festive Mexican feast or simply craving a side dish that brings a burst of flavor to your table, this arroz rojo is the perfect choice. Get recipe here