1. Ornament Macarons

In honor of Christmas, make these cranberry ornament macarons that are just SO cute to eat! Your grandkids will be thinking they fell off the tree! Get recipe here

2. Christmas Cut Out Cookies

There is nothing more exciting than Santa and tree-shaped cookies! The kids will be grabbing for these not just because of how adorable they are, but because they’re deliciously addictive! Get recipe here

3. Christmas Appetizer Tree

You’d be surprised how much kids love to snack on olives and cheese! Offer them (and everyone!) a healthier option with this GORGEOUS appetizer tree that will have everyone’s heads turning! Get recipe here

4. Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Why prepare these in advance if you can make this no-bake treat together with the grandkids?! This is the perfect activity to get the kids busy and in good moods!  Get recipe here

5. Reindeer Christmas Burgers

If you want to keep the kids away from the desserts and get them eating food, make these adorable Christmas burgers. These healthy burgers are camouflaged as charming reindeer to keep the kids coming back for more! Get recipe here

6. Christmas Peanut Butter Bars

The family won’t be able to resist these all-time favorite peanut butter bars—but dressed up for Christmas! These only take 10 minutes to make, so why not double the batch so you can give them out to some friends?! Get recipe here

7. Christmas Tree Rice Krispies

If you want to have some fun making Christmas treats, this is the treat for you! All you need is Rice Krispies cereal, butter, marshmallows, food coloring, and your creative cap on to make this vivid, showstopper dessert! Get recipe here

8. Christmas Hershey’s Kiss Cookies

Share these sweet treats with your family and friends to really make their Christmas special. These decadent cookies are topped with Hershey’s Kisses, making them completely irresistible. Get recipe here

9. Christmas Focaccia Dough

Instead of giving the grandkids papers and crayons, just give them this delectable dough and toppings so they can create their own Christmas art piece! Best of all, they can eat it afterward! Get recipe here

10. Christmas Chocolate Covered Oreos

We already know this one will be a hit because EVERYONE loves Oreos. You may not be able to finish one of these rich and delicious desserts, but we’re sure the kids won’t have a problem. Get recipe here