1. Steak Au Poivre (Main)

The perfect dish to impress a first date or wedding guest, this steak au poivre is the epitome of class. Spiced and cooked to perfection, this dish will have your guests raving about the menu.  Get recipe here

2. Salmon Brioche Hot Pockets (Appetizer)

Warm and buttery, these brioche hot pockets are gorgeously stuffed with soft baked salmon.

The tangy and delicious lemony mustard and herb vinaigrette dipping sauce brings this wedding appetizer to a whole new level. Get recipe here

3. Pink Pear Salad (Side)

Don’t loosen up when it comes to the sides and make an equally impressive side dish with this pink pear salad.

This delicate and gorgeous salad features a leafy spring mix, slices of juicy pear, sweet raspberries, goat cheese, and candied pecans. Get recipe here

4. Lobster Pasta With Champagne Cream Sauce (Main)

This rich decadent lobster pasta topped with a luxurious champagne cream sauce will definitely bring your wedding up a notch. Not only does this dish taste expensive, it also has a lavish appearance. Get recipe here

5. Caramelized Onion And Brie Appetizer Bites (Appetizer)

Always a crowd-pleaser, these caramelized onion and brie appetizer bites are just as pretty as they are delicious. The sweet caramelized onions on top of a soft gruyere cheese all layered on flaky puff pastry are absolutely delightful. Get recipe here

6. Roasted Potatoes (Side)

These beautifully golden brown and crispy roasted potatoes are the perfect side to satisfy any wedding guest.

This simple dish adds the perfect balance to all the elegant dishes making your wedding menu pure perfection. Get recipe here

7. Sweet Potato Appetizer With Cranberry Sauce And Walnuts (Appetizer)

This delicious and beautiful appetizer has so many flavors all infused in one bite. The mix of sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and walnuts adds a sweet twist to the savory and gorgeous wedding menu. Get recipe here

8. Mushroom Goat Cheese Tartlets (Appetizer)

The mushrooms cooked down with shallots, garlic, and wine, and then mixed with goat cheese and topped with melty gruyere are classy at its best. These beautiful tartlets will definitely have your guests impressed.  Get recipe here

9. Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs (Main)

These tender red wine braised beef short ribs just scream “elegant” while being amazingly simple. The meat is braised in a deep, rich herb and vegetable infused beef red wine gravy that is just next-level. Get recipe here

10. Asparagus Ham Twists (Appetizer)

If you really want to impress your guests with an innovative appetizer, these asparagus ham twists are just that.

The ham and asparagus are beautifully wrapped in a mozzarella dough and dipped in a lemon dijon dip to give your guests a unique and elevated experience. Get recipe here

11. Lebanese Rice With Vermicelli (Side)

A menu wouldn’t be a menu without a classic rice dish. This Lebanese dish is versatile, simple, and delicious and will have your guests reaching for this throughout the evening. Get recipe here