1. Sweet and Sour Chicken

If you’re into yummy Chinese food, you will definitely be into this! Don’t even bother Googling “sweet and sour chicken near me” because there’s nothing more “near” than your own kitchen!

Made with ingredients you probably already have at home, this dish is a huge success at parties and on regular weeknights.  Get recipe here

2. Chicken Chow Mein

If you’ve been wondering how to make chicken chow mein like the takeaway (but better), you’ve come to the right place.

Similar to chicken lo mein but with a different noodle texture, this dish is tasty, savory, and takes less than 30 minutes to make! Get recipe here

3. Chicken Lo Mein

If you compare how many calories chicken lo mein has when it’s made at home to when it’s takeout, you’ll never order Chinese food out ever again!

Keep your MSG and preservative intakes low by making this New Year’s Eve favorite food at home! Get recipe here

4. Vegetable Lo Mein

This easy, yummy Chinese food recipe combines steaming noodles and crunchy vegetables to make a deliciously satisfying meal. Why order takeout if it tastes so much better from your own kitchen?!  Get recipe here

5. General Tso’s Chicken

If you’ve also been wondering how many calories are in General Tso’s chicken, the answer is “a lot less when it’s made at home”.

This fried chicken tossed in tangy sauce tastes DELICIOUS when it’s made at home and will still satisfy all your Chinese food cravings.  Get recipe here

6. Gluten-Free Dumplings

If you thought you wouldn’t be enjoying Chinese food this year because you’re gluten free, think again! There is ALWAYS a gluten-free alternative and this recipe is the perfect one!

This delicious, comforting dumpling recipe may take some time to make, but it is yummy Chinese food at its finest. Get recipe here

7. Char Siu

One of the yummy Chinese food classics, this may be the most tender, sweet, and savory bacon you’ll ever have. Make sure to choose a fatty pork (and keep some fat on each slice) for an extra juicy meat. Get recipe here

8. Mapo Tofu

This authentic, yummy Chinese food recipe is deliciously spicy and is the perfect fake-away dinner to make at home.
This tofu soaked in amazing flavors or mapu sauce is a winner for those who love dishes with a bit of a kick! Get recipe here

9. Peking Duck

A special New Year’s Eve family tradition dish, this yummy Chinese food is cooked slowly in aromatic spices and stuffed with fresh ginger, garlic, and spring onion.

Serve this with some Chinese pancakes, hoisin sauce, plum sauce, and shredded spring onions and cucumber for a tasty, balanced meal. Get recipe here

10. Chinese Pancakes

This may be a less-known Chinese dish but it is just as delicious! This savory, crispy, yummy Chinese food will have all of your Chinese relatives and friends coming over for a bite. Get recipe here