1. Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare

If your girl craves carbs and seafood, then give her the meal of her dreams with one perfect dish!

This spaghetti frutti di mare is a mix of fresh spaghetti and savory seafood and will definitely start her Valentine’s meal off on the right foot. Get recipe here

2. Shrimp Salad

While girls may crave carbs, what they LOVE most is a good salad—like this crunchy, fresh shrimp lettuce salad.

This salad combines shrimp, green olives, and crisp celery and is dressed in a cool, creamy sauce—possibly making this the best shrimp salad she’ll ever try. Get recipe here

3. Tuscan Seafood Linguine

One of the most versatile seafood recipes for Valentine’s day, this Tuscan seafood linguine is a dream dish!

This less-than-30-minute dish incorporates fresh seafood cooked in a rich, creamy, and luxurious sauce, served over freshly cooked linguine. Get recipe here

4. Honey Harissa Prawns

Planning to cook something special for that special someone? These mouth-watering, sweet and spicy harissa prawns are the way to go!

This flavorful, satisfying dish is so impressive, it will definitely get you some points with your girl! Get recipe here

5. Tavern On The Green Crab Cakes

Don’t even worry about the crab cake nutrition because your girl will devour these no matter how many calories!

These gorgeous, restaurant-style crab cakes are served with a cream avocado sauce that compliments the crab perfectly! Get recipe here

6. Cioppino Seafood Soup

There’s nothing more romantic than a homemade seafood stew cooked in wine. Made with scallops, mussels, clams, cod, and shrimp, this soup exhibits all the cozy Valentine’s day vibes. Get recipe here

7. Salmon And Shrimp Poke Bowl

If your girl is a seafood lover, this shrimp poke bowl will be the way to her heart. This bowl of cooked fish, brown rice, and fresh vegetables is packed with umami flavor and lots and lots of love. Get recipe here

8. Air Fried Crab Taquitos

Instead of buying chocolates (or in addition to!) make one of the best seafood recipes for Valentine’s day—crab taquitos!

These deliciously toasted taquitos literally take 10 minutes to make, but will look like you worked on them all day! Get recipe here

9. Salmon Brioche Hot Pockets

Warm and buttery salmon brioche hot pockets stuffed with soft baked salmon topped with a tangy and delicious lemony mustard and herb vinaigrette. The dream dish for the dream girl! Get recipe here

10. Fried Calamari

One of the best seafood recipes for Valentine’s day, this dish is fried to perfection with buttermilk, flour, paprika, and chili powder and is the perfect dish to munch on during a romantic night in. Get recipe here