1. St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

If you want your local leprechaun to reveal the secret treasure, just give him one of these St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes and the answer is yours!

These fluffy cupcakes are topped with green cream and adorned with rainbow candy and cloud-like frosting—not only exploding with sweetness but also looking ADORABLE. Get recipe here

2. St. Patrick’s Day Sweet Treats

There’s a lot more meaning to shamrocks than what most people know. The three leaves represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or faith, hope, and love.

Whatever you believe, we can say that these St. Patrick’s sweet-treat shamrock’s represent easy, delicious treats! Get recipe here

3. Shamrock Shake

This everything-sweet-packed (LITERALLY—chocolate syrup, icing, candy, whipped cream, donuts, and more!) milkshake is made with green ice cream and rainbow sprinkles which is all you need to make this treat holiday-ready! Get recipe here

4. 5-Minute Irish Cream Fudge With Pistachios

Whether or not you come from Irish descent, you can still join in on the fun with this Irish Cream Fudge. If you’re looking for an excuse to break your diet— this cute, easy, and gooey dessert is the way to go! Get recipe here

5. Irish Coffee Cake

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day has developed a reputation for excessive drinking. This delicious, spiked coffee cake is the “more adult” way to enjoy your Irish coffee!

This cake is loaded-with espresso powder, brown sugar, and crumbly whiskey streusel and makes the perfect breakfast, snack, or treat for this Irish holiday! Get recipe here

6. Mini Mint Cupcakes

As soon as it turns March first, ALL the baked goods start turning green. So, be prepared for when your green cravings start creeping in and make these little mint cupcakes!

If you’re a fan of mint chocolate, you will not be able to stay away from these adorable goodies!  Get recipe here

7. Guinness Chocolate Cake With Irish Buttercream

While this Guinness chocolate cake with Irish buttercream is PERFECT for everyday, it is best served on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate and support the Irish Guinness beer!

The Guinness beer adds flavor and assists with leavening which is what makes this cake so tasty!  Get recipe here

8. Baked Donuts With Guinness Ganache

One of the amazing things about these donuts is how they’re baked, but don’t get too excited about the health benefits.

Topped with a rich and fudgy chocolate stout ganache, these donuts are JUST as indulgent as their sweet, fried counterparts. Trust us, these are worth every calorie! Get recipe here

9. Irish Cream + Irish Coffee

If you’re planning on ending the day with some drinks, why not start it with one as well?!

This 5-minute Irish beverage is made with Irish whiskey, heavy cream, milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, and instant coffee and is SURE to start your day on the right foot.

If you’ve never had this before, you’re in for a treat. Get recipe here

10. Classic Chocolate Mint Brownies

These classic chocolate mint brownies are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dessert if you’re looking for something easy.

Made with brownie mix, this sandwich-like brownie is FANTASTIC, and will make anyone a chocolate and mint lover! Get recipe here