1. Banana Blueberry Mug Cake

If you want to surprise your mom without working too hard, this vegan banana mug cake is the perfect way to go. Made in just 5 minutes, your mom will be so touched that you made her such a delicious treat! Get recipe here

2. Zucchini Brownies

Finally, a yummy dessert that is perfect for vegans and food-sensitive people!

These chewy brownies are dairy-free, don’t have eggs, and are just as fudgy as the standard brownies. This is the perfect vegan dessert gift to give to your mom to show your appreciation. Get recipe here

3. Pasta Salad

This easy-to-make pasta salad is cooked with the dressing for added flavor, and is tossed with vegetables to make the perfect dish! If you’re looking for delicious Mother’s Day vegan recipes to make for your mama, you found it here. Get recipe here

4. Pistachio Ice Cream

If you’re wondering where to find pistachio ice cream (that’s vegan) because your mom is a fan, you can now make it at home!

This delicious, homemade ice cream is made with coconut milk and almond milk creamer and is COMPLETELY vegan. Plus, this 5-ingredient treat doesn’t require any churning. Get recipe here

5. Veggie Lasagna

The PERFECT replacement for regular lasagna, this hearty vegan lasagna is light, delicious, and way more flavorful than traditional lasagna!

Your mom will be so impressed that you cooked up this delicious dish for her all on your own! Get recipe here

6. Vegan Three-Mushroom Risotto

This savory risotto is earthy, creamy, and cheesy (don’t worry—it’s vegan cheese) and one of the yummiest Mother’s Day vegan recipes you can make.

If your mom loves mushrooms, this three-mushroom dish will win her heart. Get recipe here

7. Banana Bread

This healthy, moist banana bread is SO good and wholesome, it will make your mama thankful to have you as a child!

If you’re looking for a vegan chocolate chip banana bread recipe, simply add vegan chocolate chips to the batter! Get recipe here

8. Vanilla Crazy Cake

One of the best Mother’s Day vegan recipes to make for your mom on Mother’s Day is this crazy easy cake (hence the name).

If you’re not much of a baker but still want to bring your mama something sweet, this hassle-free cake is the perfect place to start! Get recipe here

9. Air Fryer Pasta Chips

If your mom’s a snacker, this is the perfect treat to surprise her with on Mother’s Day! These air fryer pasta chips are easy, yet impressive and will keep your mama happy (and full!) on Mother's Day! Get recipe here

10. Vegan Chocolate Balls

Sticky dates, crunchy roasted almonds, plump raisins, and chia seeds all in one delicious, healthy, and chocolatey treat!

These homemade vegan chocolate balls are the perfect indulgent treat to tell your mom you love her. Get recipe here