Tajín Watermelon Mint Salad

4 people
15 min

Fresh watermelon, chili lime seasoning, mint and lime juice. This Tajin Watermelon Mint Salad is the most refreshing and light side dish salad. 15-minutes and easy to make-ahead. Naturally vegan, paleo, Whole30.

This vegan watermelon salad is a great BBQ side dish as it’s easy to make ahead and pleases a crowd! Who doesn’t love fresh watermelon sprinkled with chili lime seasoning and mint. Use this Watermelon Tajin dish as a side, appetizer, or even dessert!

Ingredients & Substitutions

  • Fresh Watermelon. Cubed watermelon brings sweetness to this salad recipe. I highly suggest cutting your own mini watermelon, but you can also use pre-cubed watermelon if in a rush.
  • Limes. Use fresh lime juice. Substitute for lemon juice.
  • Tajín or Chili Lime Salt. Tajín takes this watermelon salad to the next level. If you can’t find tajin, try Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning.
  • Mint Leaves. Use fresh mint for this recipe. It helps add a freshness and a different bite. I like to cut the mint leaves in small strips. Substitute for other fresh herbs like cilantro or basil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make watermelon salad ahead of time?

Yes! Watermelon salad is perfect to make ahead. Make this watermelon tajin recipe up to one day ahead of time, otherwise the lime juice may make the salad too wet.

Tajín Watermelon Mint Salad

Recipe details

  • 4  people
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 5 Cups Fresh Watermelon about ½ small watermelon
  • 5 Mint Leaves
  • ¼ Cup Lime Juice about 1 lime
  • 1 TBSP Tajín or Chili Lime Salt
  • ¼ TSP Salt


Remove a half inch off the top and bottom of the watermelon.
Stand watermelon on one of the cut sides. Cut watermelon in half and set one half aside.
With the half still standing, cut again in half to have a quarter of watermelon, set one quarter to the side. Lay one quarter down with flat side on your cutting board.
Slice watermelon across its width starting from one end. Cut each slice into ¼ inch to ½ inch slices until you have reached the other end.
Repeat with remaining quarters.
Next, each slice in 1 inch slices and then again perpendicularly to create 1 inch cubes.

Place mint leaves on top of one another. Roll leaves from the short side (it will look like a cigarette or cigar - long and skinny).
Next, cut mint leaves with the roll parallel into thin strips, about ¼ inch wide.
Cut entire mint roll. Leave to the side.

Place cubed watermelon on a plate or in a large bowl.
Pour lime juice on top and sprinkle tajin evenly over watermelon.
Sprinkle chopped mint evenly over watermelon salad.
Toss watermelon, tajin, salt, fresh lime juice and chopped mint to evenly mix together.
Eat immediately or place in the fridge for 30-minutes to eat cold.


  • When cutting a watermelon, keep the flat side down and use a sharp knife. This will avoid or eliminate slips and knicks.
  • This Watermelon Tajin Salad will last up to three days in the fridge. Keep it stored in an airtight container.
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