Summer Gazpacho & Sashimi Tuna

No need to go out to a fancy restaurant! This delicate and classy Japanese tuna and gazpacho dish can be made at home by following a few simple steps. Get recipe here

The Best Lemon Pepper Grilled Shrimp

This grilled shrimp on a skewer, marinated with lemon and pepper, takes the prize for the best barbecue appetizer of the summer no ifs, ands or buts. Get recipe here

Creamy Fish Cakes

What could be better than fluffy fish cakes with a dollop of creamy lemon shallot aoili? Get recipe here

Pan Fried Asian Salmon

Ahh... crisp pan-seared salmon on a spread of fresh and crunchy Asian noodle salad. This dish truly has the potential to win over the hearts and tastebuds of the whole family. Get recipe here

Sheet Pan Clam Bake

This next-level clam-bake mixes assorted summer veggies and clams, and infuses them with spicy Cajun butter seasoning. Get recipe here

Summer Lobster Rolls

These toasted buns filled with buttery lobster and topped with green veggies are a favorite beach day snack for kids and adults alike. Get recipe here

Marry Me Lobsta & Pasta

This work of art in the form of oven-baked lobster on a bed of spicy garlic linguini is a real charmer, and may or may not be responsible for a number of marriage proposals. Get recipe here


This ultra-light, no-grilling-necessary raw shrimp dish with fresh veggies is just the thing to serve up on a hot summer’s day. Get recipe here

Easy Clam Chowder

The ultimate late summer comfort food, this classic New England clam chowder is as smooth and tasty as it is easy to make. Get recipe here

Sizzled Clam Noodle Bowl

This one bowl meal is the freshest of them all, combining crisp watercress and Asian noodles with sake-fried clams.  Get recipe here

Tuna Tartare Nachos

This eye candy of a dish is an alternative take on a standard poke bowl, with a surprising tropical ingredient added for a burst of flavor and color. Get recipe here

Fish Shawarma

Who would have guessed that fish could be used as an alternative to meat in a shawarma dish with such delicious results? Get recipe here