Number 1: Sweet Potato And Spinach Quiche

Number 1 on this list comes as no surprise—spinach!

This rich sweet potato and spinach quiche is not only packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, K, and essential folate, it’s also packed with flavor and tastes delicious! Get recipe here

Number 2: Lemon Loaf

How great would it be if we can pack one of the world’s healthiest foods into a DESSERT?!

Well… you actually can! While sugar doesn’t exactly make the cut (don’t worry—there isn’t too much of it!), the lemon has strong anti-inflammatory properties and adds a delicious and tangy taste. Get recipe here

Number 3: Stir Fry Beets, Greens, and Tofu

For those who like beets, this stir fry is the PERFECT meal or appetizer. For those who don’t, it might be worth acquiring a taste for them!

Beets have a seemingly endless amount of health benefits and add a versatile texture to any dish. Get recipe here

Number 4: Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

How exciting is it that one of the world’s favorite comfort foods made it to this list?! These double dark chocolate cupcakes are tender, fluffy, and topped with the perfect amount of rich dark chocolate buttercream.

Besides for being absolutely delicious, dark chocolate contains antioxidants and this dessert has TONS of it! Get recipe here

Number 5: Lentil Soup

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, you might want it to be this! This lentil soup will fill you with all the love a comfort food gives, and it’s jam-packed with vitamins and fiber. Get recipe here

Number 6: 5 Ingredient Raspberry Bars

This addictive treat is made with only 5 ingredients, and one of the healthiest foods is one of them!

These delightfully light, buttery, and sweet bars are packed with all the antioxidants, vitamin C, and iron that raspberries have to offer. Get recipe here

Number 7: Apple Walnut Cake With Caramel Glaze

You’ve won in life when you can add one of the world’s healthiest foods to a dessert!
This apple walnut cake is filled with antioxidants, vitamin E, and omega 3… and all of that goodness is topped with a delicious caramel glaze. Get recipe here

Number 8: Salmon

This white wine salmon with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and parsley is packed with omega 3, protein, vitamins, and minerals and is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy meal that tastes delicious! Get recipe here

Number 9: Avocado Salad

We may get confused sometimes if this is a fruit or a veggie, but we are positive that avocados are filled with potassium, folate, and tons of vitamins. This avocado salad is light and fresh, and is the perfect go-to snack! Get recipe here

Number 10: Quinoa

This new spin on tabbouleh salad not only tastes amazing, but adds a whole new set of protein and fiber.

This tangy dish has the perfect combination of quinoa, parsley, onion, tomato, and lemon juice to make you completely obsessed. Get recipe here