1. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

If we can’t have eggs, bring on more chocolate! These double chocolate chip cookies are soft, fluffy, and LOADED with chocolate chips.

They are perfect to make when you have an emergency sweet tooth craving because they take only 20 minutes to make! Get recipe here

2. No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites

If you’re one of those people who makes cookies for the cookie dough, look no further because this is your DREAM recipe!

Made with coconut and almond flour, this recipe is eggless, doesn’t require baking, and will definitely become a new favorite. Get recipe here

3. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This recipe only has 4 ingredients, and eggs aren't one of them! Perfect to make during this hard time (when eggs are expensive), this moist banana bread is the ultimate breakfast, snack, or dessert! Get recipe here

4. Tiramisu

Who knew that you can make tiramisu without eggs?! This delicious creamy piece of art is creamy and soft, and it’s easier to make than you think! Get recipe here

5. Mango Cake

Forget the red velvet cake (and the eggs) and make this AWESOME mango cake! This soft, spongy, and drool-worthy cake is made with whole wheat flour and cane sugar making this healthier than most cakes! Get recipe here

6. Air Fryer Granola

Crunchy, nutty, and sweet all in one treat! This granola is perfect to munch on alone or to sprinkle on some Greek yogurt! No worries if you don’t have an air fryer because this granola can be baked as well! Get recipe here

7. Raspberry Muffins With White Chocolate

Don’t break the bank making a fancy dessert when you can make these fluffy, sweet, and FANCY raspberry muffins! This gorgeous dessert is not only eggless, but also dairy-free! Get recipe here

8. Red Velvet Cupcakes

When you have an event coming up and need to make an elegant dessert (that is not too pricey!) these red velvet cupcakes are the way to go!

These soft, slightly tart muffins are delicious, and they are an absolute showstopper! Get recipe here

9. Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice cream made in 10 minutes?! If you don’t believe us, try this! Not only is this strawberry ice cream quick and easy to make, but it will satisfy your sweet tooth while still being on the healthier side! Get recipe here

10. Rajbhog Muffins

Just because these muffins are royal, doesn’t mean you need to spend extravagant prices making them!

This popular Bengali dessert is usually made during festivals and special occasions, but who said a casual Tuesday can’t be a special occasion?!

Made with no eggs, these muffins are light and fluffy and have a super distinct flavor. Get recipe here