Taffy Sundae

1 Taffy Sundae
20 min

This Taffy Sundae is so cute and fun to make. They are very cute as centerpieces, too. I’ve also given these as part of a gift for my parents, children, friends, children’s friends, my husband is getting this one for Easter. Mom would love this for Mother's Day as part of her gift. A teenager would love to receive this with a bit of cash inside the glass. Have fun making and giving this taffy sundae!

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Finished Project! 😍

You will need a sundae glass, taffy, straight pins and a styrofoam ball.

Don't forget a cute straw.

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  • 1  Taffy Sundae
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 20 min
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  • Supplies:
  • Note: the number of taffy pieces and pins will vary depending on how close you pin each taffy and how many taffy pieces you place inside the glass you use. Also, the size of your glass and styrofoam ball.
  • Mine:
  • 150 pieces of salt water taffy in plain wrappers
  • 138 straight pins with a flat metal head
  • 1 – 4 inch styrofoam ball (measure your glass to make sure 4 inches is correct)
  • 1 – straw
  • 1- ice cream, float, or dessert glass that a 4 inch styrofoam ball fit into-without it sitting too far in or falling off.

Place about 12 taffy pieces into the glass. They should NOT be high enough to touch or push up on the styrofoam ball.
Place the styrofoam ball on top of the glass.
Begin by poking a pin through the end of the taffy wrapper. Press the pin into the styrofoam ball. Begin by going all the way around the bottom of the ball. Repeat a second row, third, and so on.
As you near the top with your rows of taffy, push your straw into the styrofoam ball in an appropriate place and at an appropriate angle.
Finish pressing pins with taffy all the way to the top.
You completed your adorable gift or decoration.
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