Edible Easter Basket

1 Basket
15 min

This cute and fun Edible Easter Basket is an adorable gift for children, family, neighbors, or friends. It is extra fun to personalize the baskets with the receivers favorite candies. Add fun things to the basket like a spring spatula, small bottle of bubbles, a small bath bomb, bouncy balls, slime filled plastic egg, small diamond art, little parachute toys, hot wheel cars, marbles, crayons, pencils or pens-anything small and fun for kids or adults.

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Finished Project!

Choose fun items to fill the basket with!

Add a couple licorice ropes for the handle-just don't carry the basket with the licorice rope.

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  • 1  Basket
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 4 boxes of theater size boxes of candy- personalize them with your family's favorites candies
  • 1 licorice rope or Nerd rope
  • Easter grass 
  • Favorite candy (I added a cute spatula, too) to fill the Easter basket
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • A piece of thick cardboard to glue to the bottom of the candy boxes to make the basket
  • Ribbon for decoration, if desired
  • Plastic eggs, if desired

Glue the four candy boxes into a square with hot glue. 
Trace the bottom of the box you have formed with the four candy boxes onto the cardboard. Cut the cardboard out a little smaller than the traced marking so it won’t show. Then, glue it to the bottom of the formed box. 
Glue the licorice rope to the inside of the box to form the handle. Note: this “handle” is not strong enough to carry the completed basket. It is just for decoration. 
When the glue has dried, fill the bottom of your Easter basket with Easter grass. Then, add desired candy and gifts. 
Decorate with ribbon, if desired. 
Have fun making this cute and easy gift. 
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