Easy Fresh Cherry Simple Syrup and Ways To Enjoy It

10 servings
22 min
Cherries are kinda my thing. I grew up playing in the cherry fields of Tonasket Washington. They were (and still are) some of my favorite summer snacks. So, when the Northwest Cherry Growers asked me to create recipes with them, I was beyond excited. That was three years ago, and here we are, still going strong. (Times flies when you’re baking) This year I wanted to keep the recipes simple, making them perfect for impromptu gatherings and easy desserts. Today I want to share how to make cherry simple syrup.

If you’ve been around since the first year, then you know all about canning cherries, and maybe you made the cherry hand pies. (One of my favorites so far. You’ve gotta try them.) And you might have enjoyed these cherry scones. Yum! building onto that, this year, I thought cherry simple syrup would be the perfect addition to have around all cherry season. You can add it to water for a little extra yum. To soda, (cherry cola is my absolute favorite) and even to alcoholic beverages for a fun summer twist. Feel free to drizzle it over ice cream, or even add a little zing to a salad. The possibilities are endless, so let’s whip some up!

Cherry Simple Syrup

This syrup comes together in less than 20 minutes, and stores in the refrigerator for up to ten days. But believe me, it won’t last that long.

Simply syrup requires only four ingredients, and you can make it with almost any fruit. Use this recipe as a guide and for in-season fruit all summer long.

Cherry baking items you need

First off, you need a cherry pitter. It’s a game-changer and saves so much time. I bought one years ago and it’s still going strong. Actually, the kids think it’s great fun so they’re usually my pitters. Both take turns, and soon enough, I have a bowl of cherries ready to bake with.

A strainer is also a necessity. One with a fine enough mesh that only the juice and the tiniest bit of pulp get through. You’ll use this for so many things once you have one in your arsenal, if you don’t already.

Pour the cherries, sugar, water, and lemon juice into a large saucepan and bring to a rolling boil. Once boiling, use the back of a spoon or a potato masher to press into the cherries, extracting as much juice as possible.

Remove from heat.

Place the strainer over a glass bowl and carefully pour the cherries into strainer. Stir the cherries around in the strainer, then press the cherries with the back of a spoon to squeeze as much juice through the strainer as possible. Discard remaining pulp.

Pour cherry simple syrup concentrate into a glass container and allow to cool. Store in fridge or use right away. Stir or swirl juice around in jar before pouring to make sure concentrate is mixed well.

Then enjoy!

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy cherries each season? Make sure you’re following along on Instagram as I share all my recipe creations in real time!

Easy Fresh Cherry Simple Syrup and Ways To Enjoy It

Recipe details

  • 10  servings
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 12 Minutes Total time: 22 min
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  • 4 cups pitted fresh cherries
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 Tsp fresh lemon juice


Place pitted cherries, sugar, water, and lemon in saucepan and stir until it comes to a rolling boil. Using a potato masher or the back of a large spoon, press the cherries, helping to release the juices.
Using a strainer, place over a large glass measuring bowl or other container to catch the juice. Carefully pour the hot liquid into the strainer. Stir a spoon around the strainer, helping to release the juice. When most juice seems gone, press the cherries with the back of the spoon, releasing as much as possible. Discard pulp in strainer.
Pour cherry simple syrup concentrate into a glass container and allow to cool. Store in fridge for up to 10 days. Use as little or as much concentrate per drink as needed for desired flavor. Enjoy!

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