Easy Orange Sherbet Punch Recipe

40 Servings
5 min

Orange sherbet punch is so easy to make it’s almost embarrassing to call it a recipe. However, it wasn’t all that long ago that I didn’t know exactly how to make a good party punch.

If you’re looking for easy punch recipes, try this tasty orange delight that’s ready in minutes. Even if your events are on hold, you’ll see that you can whip up this delicious drink in small batches for a special treat.

Cups of orange punch in front of large punch bowl filled with orange sherbet punch.
5-Minute Orange Sherbet Punch

As a chronic over thinker, I rarely assume that anything scrumptious is only two or three ingredients. I remember as a child being in awe at the tastiness of baby shower punch. What magical blend could possibly create such a flavorful beverage?

After making this sherbet punch, I realized how quick and easy the sweet drink was and immediately wanted to experiment with different flavors. If you love orange as much as I do, get ready for a citrus blast with this orange sherbet punch.

Scooping orange sherbet into punch bowl.

Orange Sherbet Punch Ingredients

(See the recipe card below for measurements)

  • Orange sherbet ice cream
  • Orange soda (chilled)
  • Fresh sliced oranges (optional)

Easy Orange Sherbet Punch Directions

Fill a large punch bowl with all of the sherbet.

You want to do this right before your event so it doesn’t melt too much.

Punch bowl with orange sherbet in it.

Pour all the orange soda on top of the sherbet. Again, this works the best if your pop is chilled so everything stays colder longer.

Pouring orange soda into punch bowl with sherbet.

Serve the punch topped with a fresh orange slice. Mandarin oranges are shown here.

Punch bowl filled with orange sherbet punch with glasses around it.

Easy party punch recipe notes, tips, and FAQ’s

What if the orange sherbet punch is too sweet?

If the punch is too sweet or overpowered by the double orange flavor, you can try using 7-Up instead of orange soda.

Glass of punch with bowl filled with orange punch.
Punch Bowl and Ladle
Punch Bowl and Ladle


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Can I make punch without a punch bowl?

If you don’t have a large punch bowl, make the punch in smaller batches. Because of the chunks of sherbet, it’s not as easy to pour. Use a ladle to scoop out the punch of whatever container you choose to use.

Ladle full of orange sherbet punch above punch bowl.

Can I use different flavors of sherbet and/or pop in my punch?

Yes, you can play around with the flavor combos of pop and sherbet. As you can see, this 2-ingredient punch is hard to mess up. You can’t really go wrong with a yummy flavor of soda plus a yummy flavor of sherbet or even ice cream.

Holding up a glass of orange punch with an orange slice above bowl.

Can I make party punch ahead of time?

No, you want to make the punch right before you plan to serve. You want the sherbet and the pop to be as cold as possible so it stays icy for your guests. Slice the oranges and have everything ready to go to simply dump in the sherbet and pop a few minutes before serving.

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Glasses of orange sherbet punch in front of punch bowl.

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Easy Orange Sherbet Punch Recipe
Recipe details
  • 40  Servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 5 min
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  • 1 carton, 1.5 quart (48 oz) orange sherbet ice cream
  • 1 bottle, 2 liters, orange soda (Orange Crush)
  • Fresh Sliced Oranges, Optional for Serving

Fill a punch bowl with the entire container of sherbet.
Pour soda on top.
Serve punch topped with a fresh orange slice.
  • Use chilled pop and make right before serving for best results.
Jennifer Soltys
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