Pickled Lemon

4 jares
45 Minutes

Nothing like a jar of pickled lemons to upgrade your food. The craft of pickling is special because of the expectation of tasting from the jars that stand and wait for the reopening. Every time you make the recipe the flavors are different, if you make it with paprika, or lemons, or any other ingredient, depending on the season. You can add the pickled goods to any dish: slice of bread with cheese, fish stew, fried eggplants, and many more dishes.I love this recipe because it realy esay to make,it can stay in the fridge for a few months, it is important to put over the lemon enough oil that can keep the jar of lemons.

Pickled Lemon

Recipe details

  • 4 jares
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes|Cook time: 30 Minutes|Total time: 45 Minutes




Cut the lemons into half-cm-thick crops and put in a bowl.
Prepare in a separate plate: coarse sea salt and paprika (mix them into one mixture)
Take each piece of lemon and cover it with the salt & paprika, place in the jar until the jar is filled, like a lemon tower.
It is very important the lemons reach the tip of the jar.
Close well and place outside of fridge for 24 hours
After 24 hours the whole mixture is reduced, and the jars can be combined into one jar.
Add oil and canned lemon juice until jar is fully filled.
It is very important to keep in the refrigerator after 24 hours.

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