Peanut Butter Makhana

1 mason jar
15 Minutes

Add a little jazz to your Makhana (fox nuts) for snacking goals.

A super easy homemade treat, crunchy for crispy, perfect for munching to take care of your hunger. Works well for a quick snack and this version is all about clean ingredients.

2 main ingredients, a few minutes to prep and a jar full of yumminess is ready. Lasts well upto a few days, store in an air tight container and keep snacking.

Fox nuts or lotus seeds are used in quite a few Indian sweets and savory snacks. They have to be lightly roasted in a few drops of ghee/oil and can be tossed in a handful of spices or jaggery or peanut butter for a sweeter version.

Fox nuts are known to be low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats making them a high nutrition perfect healthy snacking option.

Peanut Butter Makhana

Recipe details

  • 1 mason jar
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes|Cook time: 10 Minutes|Total time: 15 Minutes



Add makhana to a pan and dry roast on medium heat until they turn crunchy, takes about 7-8 minutes. Keep tossing continuously to avoid them from getting burnt. Transfer to a plate and keep aside.
Turn off heat, In the same pan add peanut butter and stir for a few seconds until it completely melts. Add a pinch of salt along with roasted Makhana, turn on heat and mix swiftly until well coated, takes a few seconds to come together.
Optional to finish with a sprinkle of jaggery powder or coconut sugar, let it cool down and store in an air tight container. Lasts well upto 10 days.

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