Easy Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

The classic, definitive chicken pot pie. It really is as delicious as it is beautiful. Get recipe here

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

When you’re in a ‘think outside of the pot’ cooking mood. Get recipe here

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Oh-boy, this one packs a kick! The ultimate pot pie for the adventurous. Get recipe here

Chicken Pot Pie

This one is ready in only 45 minutes. Don’t forget to add Sherry at the end to really bring out the flavor! Get recipe here

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole (mashed potatoes)

Not everyone likes pie crust, and that’s ok. Mashed potatoes make such a great substitute! Get recipe here

Curry Chicken Pot Pie

When you want comfort, but with a little gusto, this one is just the thing! Get recipe here

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Another mouthwatering take on the classic, the added hint of thyme really makes it stand out. Get recipe here

Mushroom Chicken Pie

Mushrooms add so much—try this to get the hands-down most savory chicken pot pie EVER. And you can make your own pie crust! Get recipe here

Chicken Pot Pie Pockets

Ready in only 45 minutes, these homemade better-than-hot pockets won’t burn the roof of your mouth. You might just start a new jingle around the house: ‘Chicken Pot Pie Pockets’. Get recipe here

Easy Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

Fastest recipe we’ve found. This one adds turmeric for a unique flavor and tops it off with scrumptious biscuits. Get recipe here

Moroccan Chicken Pie

When you want to have some sweet to go with your savory you’ve gotta try this Moroccan dish. Seriously yum and looks super impressive. Get recipe here

Veggie Pot Pie With Pancake Crust

A pancake as a crust? Vegetarian? Actually, this dish is surprisingly perfect for brunch. Try it! Get recipe here

Chicken Pot Pie In A Crockpot

Super-easy homemade crust just poured on top of this crock-pot recipe. Enjoy the incredible tender chicken from the slow cook process. Get recipe here

Chicken Enchilada Pie

Not what we usually think of when we are making pot pie, this take on the ultimate comfort food features layers of spicy chicken, flour tortillas, and gooey cheese. Get recipe here

Chicken Laksa Pot Pie

Spicy and surprisingly light, try this when you want comfort with a kick, without that heavy feeling. Get recipe here