Loaded Mac 'N Cheese

2 Servings
15 Minutes

I'm in my second pregnancy, and let me tell you the nausea and food aversions in the first trimester this time around have been NO JOKE. That being said, I've been dedicated more than ever to nutrition and trying to find foods that not only make me feel good, but nourish my body and my growing baby as well. So when I discovered that Mac 'N Cheese was one of the few foods that I could eat without averse effects, I set out to find the most wholesome and well-rounded version that I could. Enter: Annie's Homegrown Organic. It not only surpasses your everyday MnC in nutrition, but (in my opinion) it tastes so much better too! So read below to see what I added to turn this starchy comfort food into a well-rounded, quick lunch...or snack...or whatever meal you want it to be ; ).

Loaded Mac 'N Cheese

Recipe details

  • 2 Servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes|Cook time: 10 Minutes|Total time: 15 Minutes



While noodles are boiling, sauté mushrooms, onions, and celery until browned and somewhat tender. Season with salt and pepper. Add peas, and cook until peas are cooked through. Set aside.

Once Mac n Cheese is prepared, add sautéed vegetables, tuna, and diced cheese, and stir until combined.

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