Homemade Coleslaw

6 Servings
15 Minutes

My homemade coleslaw recipe is one that I look forward to each spring. We often enjoy it for our Easter dinner as a side dish and then again in the summer when it’s time for cookouts and barbecues. While some people choose to buy coleslaw already prepared, my homemade coleslaw recipe tastes far better than anything I’ve purchased from the grocery store. Thankfully, this coleslaw recipe is also very easy to make.

Check out the recipe for my homemade coleslaw recipe here.

A traditional coleslaw recipe is a salad made with fresh cabbage and carrots. But, I have seen people add in everything from shredded apples to shredded zucchini. Experiment with it until you find a recipe that your family loves. We use traditional cabbage and carrots in ours because it’s inexpensive and everyone loves it. And, we have added in shredded broccoli and purple cabbage when we have it as well. This is a simple coleslaw recipe everyone will enjoy.

Homemade Coleslaw

Recipe details

  • 6 Servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes|Cook time: 00 Minutes|Total time: 15 Minutes


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Comments and Reviews

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Comments and Reviews

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  • Crumly
    on Mar 20, 2021

    I’ve made a number of homemade coleslaws in my time and I found if you add shredded parsnips in too, it sweetens up the cabbage. Don’t ask me why, but it really makes it taste even better!

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