Easy Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich

2 servings
10 Minutes

This easy buffalo chickpea sandwich is the perfect lunch for any kids or adult! Made in under 10 minutes, this sandwich is full of nutrition and plant based protein to keep you full for hours. This buffalo chickpea sandwich can be made gluten free and oil free.

Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich

I absolutely love regular chickpea smash. I eat it on a weekly basis, sometimes twice a week. It is so healthy, and full of plant protein, what could be better? It is such an easy way to keep us all full, and it meal preps well, so that is a bigger plus.

But sometimes you need to spice things up in order to keep things interesting. Especially with something you eat on a regular basis. Despite being a creature of habit, I do get sick of my weekly meals, and I know Gabe does too (when he starts making his own lunches, I know it is time!).

I absolutely love anything with buffalo sauce. In fact, I love it so much that I cannot stop creating recipes with buffalo sauce, like my .

So, I think it is fair to say I am a buffalo fanatic. Therefore, adding it to one of my go to lunches as a no brainer.

Why We Love Easy Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich!

Healthy- This sandwich is packed full of healthy nutrition, including a lot of fiber! The only *bad* fat included in this recipe is a small amount of mayo, which you can easily swap out!

Protein Packed- This recipe is full of plant based protein. In fact, each serving has over 10 grams of protein in it!

Meal Prep- This recipe is perfect to meal prep with! In fact, I do it all the time. I usually make it on Sunday and eat it throughout the week.

Buffalo Chickpea Smash Sandwich

Ingredients For Buffalo Chickpea

To make this vegan buffalo chickpea smash, you will need the following: chickpeas; buffalo sauce; vegan mayo; hot sauce; lemon; avocado; and onion.

I also provide substitutions for you in my FAQ questions and tips section.

Ingredients for Buffalo Chickpea Smash

How To Make Buffalo Chickpea Smash:

This recipe is SO SIMPLE!

Rinse and drain your chickpeas. Place them in a large bowl and mash them. Then, fold in all your additional ingredients until they are well combined.

Serve this smash on alone, on top of a salad, between to pieces of bread, on top of tortillas or my all time favorite – in a wrap!

Tip – If you like your food to have more texture, only smash 50% of the chickpeas.

Buffalo Chickpea Smash

Don’t Miss These Tips

Vegan Buffalo Sauce – Make sure your buffalo sauce does not have buttermilk in it! This is so common with many buffalo sauces on the market. You can make your own with my recipe !

Storage- You may store this in an air tight container for up to 4 days in the fridge.

Serving- You can serve this with just about anything! Eat it alone, place it on crackers, put it in between some bread or in a wrap! My personal favorite is to place it inside a wrap with lettuce and celery.

FAQ for Easy Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich

May I omit mayo?

Absolutely. It will be just as fine without it, and I do this as well sometimes!

I like a lot of spice, how can I kick this up?

Add an extra tbsp of hot sauce. This will make it firey.

May I use dry chickpeas?

Yes, just make sure to soak and cook them prior to using them.

What brands of buffalo sauce of vegan?

are all vegan! I know there are many more out there though.

I do not have an avocado, what else can I use?

You may use 1 tbsp more of vegan mayo, or you may use a tbsp of tahini!

Is lemon a required ingredient?

No, you can simply omit! I believe it adds a nice little taste, but I also have made this recipe without it.

Did You Make This Recipe?

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Easy Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich

Recipe details

  • 2 servings
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook time: 0 Minutes|Total time: 10 Minutes



Place your chickpeas into a bowl and mash them with a fork or potato mashed. Continue until 75% of the chickpeas are smashed. If you enjoy more texture in your food, only smash 50%.
Fold in additional ingredients until they are fully combined.
Serve alone, on top of salad, in between two pieces of bread, in a wrap or with some pita chips!
Store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.


  • Be sure to use vegan buffalo sauce!

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