Stuffed Yam

4 Yams
15 Minutes

We're always trying to eat healthy around our house, but that's not always easy - especially when you have a house full of people with different tastes.

Vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and one person who hates to cook, but is responsible to make meals for all of them. My solution is to focus on recipes that can easily be customized for different my yams.

My easy single serve lasagna rolls are another great example.

The yams please everyone, since they can be stuffed individually, and are ready in about 10 minutes. They make a great meal or a hearty side dish.

The recipe below is just a suggestion, since this is what I call a "garbage pail" recipe...add whatever you have on hand.

I do this with my quiches, too.

Stuffed Yam

Recipe details

  • 4 Yams
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook time: 5 Minutes|Total time: 15 Minutes



Wash yam skin off and cook them in the microwave for 5-8 minutes, depending on the size of the yams
In the meantime, wash and chop the tomato into small pieces
Open and rinse the beans
Cut open the avocado and mash up the fruit inside
Open corn and cook according to package directions
When yams are fully cooked, cut them open and stuff the veggies inside and on top.


  • You can also add cooked meat or cheese to the yams, if desired.

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Comments and Reviews

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Comments and Reviews

Rate this recipe, share your thoughts, or ask a question!

  • Great recipe! Funny you call it "garbage pail" and I call it "clean out the fridge" of all the leftover bits and pieces. No matter the name it all tastes good on a sweet potato!

    • That is funny, Naomie! My mom used to call them kitchen sink recipes. I guess there's a million names out there for these leftover kind of recipes...and thanks!!

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