Grandma's Mac and Cheese

6 servings
1 Hours 10 Minutes

As the name suggests, this recipe comes from my grandma and is a fan-favorite. It's my go-to comfort food, and this is also true for much of my family and even a few friends that have tried it over the years. I admit I'm a little biased, and maybe this is just nostalgia, but this is hands down my favorite mac and cheese recipe and that's saying a LOT!

This is definitely not your typical mac and cheese recipe. First off, it contains a pretty large amount of tomatoes. And the secret is adding sugar to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. I actually cut down the sugar a little bit from what my grandma uses! But what you end up getting is a surprisingly sweet but amazingly addictive and well balanced dish.

Grandma's Mac and Cheese

Recipe details

  • 6 servings
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes|Cook time: 50 Minutes|Total time: 1 Hours 10 Minutes



Preheat oven to 350. Cook pasta according to package instructions, al dente. Strain, rinse under warm water, and hold to the side.
In a food processor, pulse cheese until it is evenly shredded, and transfer to a large bowl.
Add sugar, soup, diced tomatoes and their juices, and season with salt and pepper. Mix to combine.
Add the cooked macaroni and mix to combine. Transfer to a 13 x 9 glass baking dish, and sprinkle top with dried parsley and sugar.
Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour, until cheese is fully melted and top begins to crisp.

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