Fried Pasta & Chickpea Soup

4 People
25 Minutes

This is a very traditional meal in my family and one I deeply loved as a child. My mum used to make it a lot and it was always an incredible success with us kids.

Now it’s my kids who love it at the point that they often request it on the menu.

It’s easy, delicious and requires simple ingredients, the perfect quick and comforting winter meal.

This recipe is the modern version of a very famous regional dish from Puglia called ciceri e tria where the pasta similar to tagliatelle is dip fried. Here the pasta is simply pan fried but the taste is still fantastic!

You will fall in love with the fried pasta!

A creamy & nutritious soup which is easy to make!

A comforting meal loved by the whole family!

Fried Pasta & Chickpea Soup

Recipe details

  • 4 People
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook time: 15 Minutes|Total time: 25 Minutes



Pan fry garlic, rosemary & tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes until garlic is golden & tomato is soft.
Then add in the chickpeas with their water. Adjust with salt & black pepper (I love paprika & some turmeric too) Let it cook for 10 minutes.
In the meantime in another saucepan put extra virgin olive oil to cover the bottom and add the pasta and pan fry the pasta at medium heat until it gets some colour. This will last about 5/10 minutes max, keep on turning with a wooden spoon to prevent burning. The pasta will take various shades!
Now take half of the chickpeas and mash with some water and some of the seasoning too.
Add in the saucepan where the pasta is, add 3 cups of water, add the stock and cook until the pasta is cooked. Adjust with salt & water if necessary. 
Once the pasta is cooked you can add extra chickpeas on top and you are done!

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