Salmon Lox & Cream Cheese Cracker Appetizer

25 servings
6 Minutes

Here is a fun and colorful appetizer that you can make for any festive holiday, birthday or celebration! You’ll definitely impress everyone making this appetizer look so effortless, when it took you only minutes to make! This is a great no-cook recipe and makes you look like a professional making this. These one-biters have such a flavorful bite with the @pretzelcrisps everything pretzel crackers, layered with garlic/dill cream cheese, salmon lox, red onion and cornichons (small pickles). You can serve on a platter or cheese board. Definitely try to make this at home even if you are in need of a wine night! Super fun, yummy, and easy to make!

Salmon Lox & Cream Cheese Cracker Appetizer

Recipe details

  • 25 servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes|Cook time: 1 Minutes|Total time: 6 Minutes


Cream Cheese Mixture


Assemble the layers on the cracker. In order: 1) Cream cheese mixture 2) Salmon Lox 3) Red onion 4) Cornichons or Capers 5) Dill 6) Black Pepper


  • If you cannot find the same pretzels, you can use any gluten-free crackers that can hold all the ingredients without breaking.
  • If you want to opt out of gluten-free, you can use any regular crackers.

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