Pumpkin Blueberry Breakfast Parfait

1 serving
5 Minutes

This Pumpkin Blueberry Breakfast Parfait is so easy to make in minutes! It is also great for a healthy meal prep throughout the week. Not only is it gluten-free, but also vegetarian. You have a base layer of pumpkin puree, banana, collagen and honey. Then more layers consisting of gluten-free granola or oatmeal mix, dairy-free yogurt, pumpkin seeds, fresh blueberries and more honey on top. These last in the fridge up to 3-4 days in a tightly sealed container. The texture and flavor combination is insane! So refreshing and filling at the same time. You definitely have to give this a try!

Pumpkin Blueberry Breakfast Parfait

Recipe details

  • 1 serving
  • Prep time: 0 Minutes|Cook time: 5 Minutes|Total time: 5 Minutes



In a blender, blend the pumpkin puree, honey, banana and collagen powder until well combined.
In a mason jar or container, add the pumpkin puree blend, then granola/oatmeal mix, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, coconut flakes and honey.

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