Miso Ramen With Sticky Chilli Korean Gochujang Tofu and Pickled Veg

2 servings
25 Minutes

After weeks of eating up whatever was in the freezer before we moved house, I am trying to be a bit healthier and eat less bread-crumbed food 😂

This miso ramen totally hit the spot in terms of flavour, with the salty, umami broth, sour pickled vegetables and the sweet but spicy tofu. I can't say that I am necessarily a tofu lover, but when it's fried crispy and smothered in a sticky chilli sauce, I can't deny the satisfaction. All crowned with a soft boiled egg, marinated in soy and mirin for a few hours beforehand.

This is a perfect recipe for if you're a bit scared of cooking tofu like I was!

Miso Ramen With Sticky Chilli Korean Gochujang Tofu and Pickled Veg

Recipe details

  • 2 servings
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook time: 15 Minutes|Total time: 25 Minutes


For the soy egg

For the miso broth

For the sticky chilli tofu

To serve


Boil the egg for 6 minutes, cool in cold water, peel and marinate in the soy and mirin for a few hours before dinner. If more than a couple of hours, store in the fridge. Flip it round a few times so you get even coverage. These last really well in the fridge so you can do a couple and enjoy through the week!
20 minutes before dinner, drain your tofu and press it between kitchen towels to remove excess moisture. Leave to press for 10 mins under something heavy.
Meanwhile, fry the onion, garlic and ginger til translucent. Add the miso, soy and stock and allow to bubble away while you cook the tofu
Dice the pressed tofu into 1 cm cubes and fry off in hot oil until crispy
Mix together the tofu sauce ingredients and add to the pan. Move around quickly while it bubbles away and turn off the heat when sticky
Serve with noodles, pickled veg, chilli oil and a bib

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