Creamy Chicken Soup

This easy crock pot chicken soup includes a touch of lemon zest, adding an amazing freshness to this filling and nutritious soup. Get recipe here

Canja De Galinha - Cape Verdean Chicken Soup

Thick and incredibly rich, this Portuguese inspired soup is made with rice, vegetables and simple seasonings. Get recipe here

Thai Curry Chicken Noodle Soup

Filled with great flavors, including cilantro, jalapeños, and curry, this better-than-takeout soup is filled with tender chicken pieces and silky rice noodles. Get recipe here

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Soup

Garnish this cheesy and spicy soup with rice and avocado for a full meal. Get recipe here

Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Ready in about an hour, this soup will give you all the flavor and comfort of a soup that has been slow cooking all day long. Get recipe here

Mexican Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

A delectable mix of savory, spicy and sweet flavors based in coconut milk. Add Udon noodles to the cooked soup and top with cilantro. Get recipe here

Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Ready in under 30 minutes, this versatile soup can be customized to your liking. Use any vegetables and spices to your liking. Get recipe here

Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup

Start this soup with diced onions, carrots, and celery slowly cooked in butter or oil. Finish it off by adding leftover or bought chicken, shredded up.
Get recipe here

Mediterranean Chicken Soup With a Southern Tw

Filled with beans and veggies, this deep flavored soup is slow cooked for 2 hours and starts by browning dark meat chicken. Get recipe here

Chicken Soup With Matzo Balls - Gluten Free!

The secret to making these matzah balls is adding in chicken fat that was skimmed off of the chicken soup. Get recipe here

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortellini Soup

Cooked for 6 hours in a crock pot, you'll love the ease of this super delish soup that swaps chicken tortellini for egg noodles. Get recipe here

Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

This comforting soup recipe uses a Mad Dash Spice Mix along with canned beans and corn for a filling Mexican themed meal-in-one. Get recipe here