Minneola Orange Salad

4 portions
25 Minutes

Last year when I was visiting the Italian Island, Sardinia I picked up this amazing recipe. The vibrant minneola in contrast with the black olives immediately grabbed my attention. This recipe is a fresh and vibrant salad that pairs perfectly with duck or red meat.

Let me tell you minneola's really are the best type of oranges. They have a great balance in terms of sweetness. Which makes them perfect for different type of dishes.

The juice that is left from the dressing and the minneola is heavenly. A great tip is to keep the left over juice and use it to flavor another salad or as a syrup when cooking duck-breast.

Minneola Orange Salad

Recipe details

  • 4 portions
  • Prep time: 25 Minutes|Cook time: 0 Minutes|Total time: 25 Minutes





The salad

To take the skin of the minneola chop off the top. Use a sharp knife to slice off strips of skin until you are left with a bare minneola where you can see all the segments. Cut along the sides of each segment so the segments come loose. Add all the segments to a bowl and throw the middle part that keeps all the segments together in the bin.
If you are using black olives with a pit make sure to remove them. Chop the olives in rings and add them to the minneola.
Chop the mint leaves and add them to the mixture.
Add the minneola mixture to the fridge and let sit for 15 minutes. The minneolas will release their juices which you need for the dressing.


Take the juices from the minneola and add them to a separate bowl. Mix in the balsamic, olive oil, until you get a thick mixture, and balance with salt and pepper.


  • If you can't get minneola's you can replace them with oranges, blood oranges or even mandarins.

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