Cucumber Koshimbir Salad

4 servings
20 Minutes

Cucumber Koshimbir is a popular side dish or salad from the western region of India. It is an essential element in an authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, it has a unique flavor and tastes different from the usual salads.

The best thing about this salad is it requires minimalistic ingredients and so easy to put together, the tadka on the top is a game changer and brings in a burst of flavors.

Adding a dollop of yogurt is totally optional but I love that it adds a creamy texture to the salad. A spoonful of lentils and spices for the tadka are important and can be found at any Indian grocery store. I

A few simple things to chop, cucumbers cilantro and green chillies (or jalapeños) de seed to make it less spicy or you could even skip as per taste preference.

Assemble all the ingredients in a bowl, combine together and serve in a bowl. Add the tadka on the top and gently mix. Ready to relish a bowl of a refreshing, sweet and nutty cucumber salad.

Cucumber Koshimbir Salad

Recipe details

  • 4 servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes|Cook time: 5 Minutes|Total time: 20 Minutes


For the Salad

For the Tadka


Make the Salad

Combine all the ingredients of salad in a bowl in the order mentioned except salt.

Create the Tadka

For the tadka, in a pan add oil/ghee. On medium heat, let oil warm up and add mustard seeds, let splutter.
Add cumin seeds + pinch of heeng, let it splutter.
Add dry red chilies, Chana Dal and toss for a minute. Make sure tadka doesn't get burnt. Turn off the heat.


Add tadka on top of the salad, salt to taste and gently mix. Serve warm or chilled, as you prefer.

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