Sweet Fig Toast

1 Slice
3 Minutes

Sometimes the best recipes, are the most simple. I'm bringing it back to basics today with a toast recipe.

There are so many exciting ways to make toast and I decided to put a sweet spin on my usually savory toast. The sweet flavor from the figs, balsamic, and honey pairs so well with the cheese and arugula. This toast is perfect as breakfast or snack!

I love making different varieties of toast and this one turned out delish. This arugula, ricotta, and fig toast is similar to a white pizza - except it only takes 3 minutes to make!

If you aren't a fan of figs, this would be yummy with cherries instead.

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Sweet Fig Toast

Recipe details

  • 1 Slice
  • Prep time: 1 Minutes|Cook time: 2 Minutes|Total time: 3 Minutes



Toast bread to your preferred level
Top it with arugula and ricotta cheese
Add one sliced fig
Drizzle with honey and balsamic then enjoy!


  • I used sourdough bread, but any kind will work
  • Ricotta cheese can be substituted with marscarpone
  • Bake or broil it in the oven for warm melted cheese and softer figs
  • Use a crepe instead of toast and serve it as a dessert

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