Body Parts Dinner - A Halloween Scare-Fest Feast!

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2 Hours

What's for Halloween Dinner this Year? Ahh...Body Parts worthy of an MRI..."Most Remarkable Idea!

Can a Meal be Easy to Prepare...Fun...Scary...Delicious and Nutritious?? Yes!


From Doodle T and Me!

Ready for the MRI...Most Remarkable Idea!

Let's Get Started!

Prepare Mashed Potatoes. I used Instant - 2 packages. I wanted to mound the entire plate with the potatoes.

Any vegetable will work - this is the hair. Canned Green Beans worked fine. Maybe some fun broccoli spiked hair? Or orange carrot curls?

Create the Face: In a round plate, add the potatoes. Mold a nose in the center of his face. Add Green Beans for spiky hair. Cut Green Olives with pimento centers for eyes. Red Roasted Pepper for the mouth. Cover with plastic wrap to keep warm. Set aside.

For the Body: Brown the link sausage. Keep the links in place to create a circle. The sausage will be the intestines. Lovely.

For the Lungs: BBQ ribs. I used Costco already prepared ribs to save time. One package was more than enough.

Assemble the Body: On a baking sheet, add the link sausage at the bottom of the pan (intestines). Add 2 racks of BBQ ribs at the top (the lungs). In the center of the ribs, add Red Roasted Peppers for the heart.

For the Shoulders and Arms: Prepare Pillsbury Crescent Rolls according to the package directions. Place the rolls along the sides of the baking sheet. The crescent rolls are the muscular arms and shoulders.

Set a proper table. Place the round plate (Head) and the baking pan (Body) down the center of the table. Whoops...someone already ate his left shoulder.


Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

Don't Forget Dessert...Bought, Not Trick-Or-Treated Candy!


Body Parts Dinner - A Halloween Scare-Fest Feast!

Recipe details

  • 8 8
  • Prep time: 1 Hours|Cook time: 1 Hours|Total time: 2 Hours


Head: Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Roasted Red Peppers. Olives.

For the Head: Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Green Olives. Peppers.


  • Bake the crescent rolls while you are browning the link sausage. Already prepared BBQ ribs saves time.

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