Instant Coconut Ladoo

10 Pieces
20 Minutes

Made these instant Coconut Ladoo for Janmastami Prasad, so thought to share this instant sweet recipe. It's easy & quick dessert to make for any festive occasions. Being Indian we just love to celebrate festivals and make homemade Prasad. Since my childhood I have seen my grandmother & mother used to prepare varieties of Ladoos & other snacks during every festival & guess what they make huge amount of it. Later after puja we had to distribute these Prasad to our relatives & neighbors.

I still remember my granny used to make coconut Ladoo with fresh coconut, jaggery & Cardamom powder and trust me it tastes out of this world.

There are various ways to make Coconut Ladoo.....I thought to make an Instant Coconut Ladoo with desiccated Coconut, Milkmaid & cardamom powder. To keep this Ladoo little soft, have added a tbsp of milk in it. Don't skip this method or else your Ladoo will be hard.

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Instant Coconut Ladoo

Recipe details

  • 10 Pieces
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook time: 10 Minutes|Total time: 20 Minutes



Pour ghee into kadai & allow it to heat.
Then add desiccated coconut to the ghee & slightly roast it until brown in colour.
Once done take it out in a mixing bowl & allow it to cool down.
Then add milkmaid, cardamom powder, milk & mix it well.
Now use your hand to make round shape Ladoos.
Then roll the coconut Ladoo on the dry desiccated coconut.
Instant coconut Ladoo is ready.


  • Little amount of milk keeps coconut Ladoo soft. If you skip adding milk then Ladoos will be hard.
  • It can be refrigerated & stored in an airtight container for 6 to 7 days.
  • You can also use fresh coconut to make Ladoos.

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Comments and Reviews

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