Israeli Meringue Kisses

80 Pieces
5 Hours

Make sure you have the following equipment:

  • Pipping bags + nozzles
  • Hand mixer/mixer
  • 2 bowls
  • Parchment Paper
  • Baking pan
  • Scale (optional but might help)
  • Bain Marie pot

Meringue Kisses

Israeli Meringue Kisses

Recipe details

  • 80 Pieces
  • Prep time: 3 Hours|Cook time: 2 Hours|Total time: 5 Hours



Separate the eggs and keep the egg whites.
Add the sugar and not the powdered sugar
Mix well
Heat on a bain-marie pot for about 10 minutes
transfer the entire content to a mixer/mix with hand mixer
mix for about 6 minutes, then stop to add the powdered sugar
mix for another minute or so
add the content into a piping bag
Make the small kisses on a parchment Paper
Bake for 2 hours

to add colour to the kisses, drip a colour of your choosing to the piping bag or mix it in the mixer after adding the powdered sugar.

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