Eggless Mango Cake

5 Servings
1 Hours

I baked this simple eggless Mango Cake for our Anniversary!!!

Recently, I baked a Red Velvet Cake for my husband birthday so this time I wanted to keep it simple. As my daughter doesn't like frosting cakes much so just garnished it with some icing sugar & chopped mangoes. Though, It's mango season have planned earlier to make this for my family. Especially my daughter who is 2 yr 3 months just can't wait for the cake to bake..she just love it & that makes me more satisfied.

Anniversary Cake

This Eggless Mango Cake is much more healthier then any other cakes. This is made with whole wheat flour & cane sugar which is soft, spongy & drool worthy as well.

Seasonal Mango Cake

Let's check the ingredients & method to make this yummy homemade eggless mango cake!!!

If you like this healthy homemade eggless mango cake recipe,then please comment down below.........I would love to read it your thoughts!!!!

Eggless Mango Cake

Recipe details

  • 5 Servings
  • Prep time: 25 Minutes|Cook time: 35 Minutes|Total time: 1 Hours



Preheat oven at 180 degree Celsius for 10 Mins.
In a small bowl add milk & vinegar, quickly mix it & keep it aside for 5 mins.
After 5 minutes, instant buttermilk is ready.
In a large mixing bowl add cane sugar powder & buttermilk, whisk it well until dissolves completely.
Then add oil & mango essence, whisk to combine it well.
In another mixing bowl, sieve whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients gradually in 2 batch and fold the batter until combines well.
Then add mango puree to the cake batter & gently fold it.
Don't overmix the batter & make sure the batter is lump free.
Mango cake batter is ready, now pour the batter into an 5 inch round greased cake tin & tap it twice to remove air bubbles.
Bake the cake for about 35 mins in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius.
Check the cake with a toothpick by inserting it in the middle, if it comes out clean then the cake is perfectly baked.
After baking, cool down the cake completely on the wire rack.

For Garnish

Icing sugar 1 to 2 tsp (dust it using tea strainer)
Chopped ripe mangoes 3 to 4 tbsp
Few mint leaves.


  • Don't overmix cake batter & make sure the batter is lump free.
  • Milk, butter & mango puree should be at room temperature.

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